Our AMAZING save the dates!

Posted by peach on Oct 10, 2011

A little over a month ago, I wrote about our search for save the dates and when we should send them out.  Well shortly after that post, I had found two save the date designs that I liked.  One afternoon, I showed them to Mr. Peach.  Mr. Peach is usually pretty easy going about decisions, but this time it wasn’t the case.  He had an opinion and a strong one at that.  For the next hour or so, we searched and searched and searched and could not find a save the date design that we both liked.  Needless to say we were both frustrated.

This frustration was completely alleviated when one of our friends offered to design our save the dates.  This friend happens to be an amazingly talented graphic designer. Insert major bridal excitement!!!

Not wanting him to go at this blindly, I decided to come up with a general idea of what we wanted.  I poorly, let me emphasize again, very poorly sketched a design.  Side story (I sketched this poor little design during a rainy car ride pre Hurricane Irene to visit Peachy MOH.  I dont think even a smooth ride could have helped my drawing ability).

We knew we wanted- a square magnet with 1 large-ish picture of us as the focal point. We also started developing this bow theme that has started running throughout our wedding so I sketched probably the worst bow you have ever seen next to the square representing our picture and then handed it off to our friend.  Luckily, he didnt laugh. (maybe he did a little)  I then sent him some better drawn bows that I found online to give him an idea of what kind of bow I liked and the general color scheme, pink and silver that we wanted to go with.

With only 5 or 6 versions sent back and forth between us, the final product was created.  Our friend completely got where we were going with the design from the start and added his artistic touch to make it one of a kind.

We ordered them so inexpensively from vista print (love that website) and ordered gorgeous silver shimmery envelopes from envelopes.com.  All around-the save the dates will not only look great on our friends’ and families’ fridges but also barely made a ding let alone a dent in the wedding budget. Winning all around!

So without any further ado, here is the Peaches’ save the date!!!!!!!!!!

The Saves!!!!! (that's our nickname for the save the dates-corny, I know)