No Photos Please!

Posted by violet on Feb 13, 2013

In the age of technology, our phones are usually the one thing that are always within reach, the first thing we touch when we wake up, and the last we touch before we go to bed.  Using your phone for a camera has made the world more easily photograph-able, and weddings are no different.

Taking photos at weddings is something that I think we have all done.  Whether it was with your Polaroid camera in 1995 or with your iPhone in 2013, we’ve all done it.  We like having those memories to look at down the road is important, and back in the day we used to have them printed whenever we developed our film.  Now, they just sit around on our phones, collecting dust, perhaps shared on Facebook or Twitter…but really, do they serve any purpose other than to remember you were once there?

This brings me to my point.  Why do people find it necessary to take pictures at weddings.  With all the money that the couple usually shells out for a photographer, should they be the only one to be taking pictures?  Great pictures at weddings, of the first kiss, the groom seeing the brides for the first time, and the bride walking down the aisle, have been RUINED by flashes from other cameras.  While a professional photographer should know how to prepare for this, I wanted to make sure this could be avoided.

Another issue that is much more common now is this…

Source: Wedding Party

A professional photographer, taking pictures of your friends and family who are there to see you get married…and half of their faces are covered up by their phone/camera.  Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, but I don’t want it to show in my timeless wedding photos.

So, Garden, what’s a bride to do?  Well, in our program, I added a little note…it says:

In order to keep the photos that our fantastic photographers are taking beautiful, we ask that if you are going to take photos, please do not use a flash.  Also, bear in mind that in our pictures we’d like to be able to see the faces of the people sitting in the seats, not the back of their phones! We would be more than happy to share our photos with you after we receive them, but be courteous if you notice our photographer pointing his camera in your direction! Smile, put down your camera, and enjoy the beautiful ceremony!

I’m hoping this is enough to deter people from taking pictures during the ceremony, or at least to be conscious of where our photographer’s camera is pointed.  I have seen brides completely ban cameras at a wedding, and if I can get permission from our parents, I may end up doing that.   It may seem harsh, but in the age of technology where I can send Great Aunt June all of our wedding photos with a single email, I don’t really feel badly about doing it.

Did you ban/suggest to not use cameras and phones at your wedding? Am I being unreasonable or does it make sense?