My Sister’s Shower

Posted by lilac on Dec 09, 2010

Even before I was the Maid of Honor, I was planning my sister’s bridal shower. Our mom was much more helpful in planning this than the original MOH. Her shower was unique because it was Pampered Chef so we ate yummy food and no one had to wrap a gift.

I designed the invitation even though the Pampered Chef lady sent a generic one out also.

We opted for a fall theme since the shower was in October, at a cabin. It was a really unique and pretty location (the park is attached to an arboretum where people often get married). Check out the view:

The view from the cabin

My sister and her dude made a registry with Pampered Chef and Judy (the Pampered Chef Rep) put the pictures on note cards that we could write a message on the back and stuck it in a skillet. She could read what she would get and the orders were shipped directly to her.

Something else unique that you all might be interested in is the special take-home for the bride. Judy brought a plain white apron and colored Sharpies and everyone signed the apron and left a little note for the bride.

Now she can have all of us with her when she cooks

Having never attended a bridal shower with this exact type of theme, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I had planned it! It’s a pretty interesting idea, especially if the bride has multiple showers (my sister had one here in Ohio and one out in Boston where he dude is from) and if there are a lot of cooking items that you need.

I’m not having a Pampered Chef bridal shower (I have to be different from my sister!) but having experienced hers makes me very excited for my own!

What are some unique things about your bridal shower? Have you been to a registry specific shower before?

All images were created of photographed by me.