My DIY “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Cards

Posted by snapdragon on May 03, 2012
After being engaged for a month or so, I was itching to begin my first DIY project and stop living my wedding through Pinterest. And even though, back when I got the idea for my bridesmaid cards it was only February, I was getting a little impatient to ask my future bridesmaids if they’d stand up with me on my big day. I wanted to do something cute and creative, and also give them a little something fun to open in the mail. So while browsing for inspiration on one of the many wedding blogs I visit on a daily basis, I came across the cutest idea ever (that I could pull off from afar). Inspired by Anna of Rifle Paper Co. (my all-time favorite stationer/designer, whose work makes me smile every time I see it), I knew what I had to do.

Before the reveal, let me just say that this was a love/hate project. I LOVED the idea and how it eventually turned out, but after finishing my first card, I sat there, overwhelmed at my large bridal party. You mean I have to make SEVEN of these??? Good grief. From start to finish, I completed the project in about four weeks. I’d sit down for an hour, cut out the paper doll chains, and then stop for a few days. Then I’d cut some dresses, maybe some hair, and then stop again for a few days. I could’ve completed them much more quickly, but I had plenty of time to get them done, so I just saved myself the stress.

Within those four weeks, this is how our dining table looked on any given day:

In the end, even though it was a little tedious, I absolutely adored how they turned out. And the overwhelming response from all my girls was that they loved them, too! And what mattered most to me, aside from them all agreeing to be my ‘maids, was giving them something to make the smile and get excited about the day.

So, without further ado, my “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” cards:
When they opened their kraft-paper envelopes, this is what they saw:
I made sure to make the top paper doll of each chain corresponded to whose card it was.
Then, when they untied the twine and opened the paper doll chain, they got a sneak peak at all the other bridesmaids in the group!
(And yes, I did match their hair color/style and exact eye color to each girl. Lauren has hazel-ish eyes, so I used two different colors for that effect. Also, yes, I am crazy.)
And here’s the card I designed packaged underneath the paper-doll chain, specifying the girls’ very difficult duties as my bridesmaids.

I never thought I’d have such a large bridal party, but there’s just no way I couldn’t have all seven of these lovely ladies as my bridesmaids. Two I’ve been friends with since I was three years old. Two more have been my friends since middle school. Two others have been my friends since freshman year at college and one is my future sister-in-law! Maid and Matron of Honor duties are happily shared by both my friends of (gulp) 24 years. I am an incredibly lucky person to have such stellar people in my life, and that they’ll all be up there with me as Mr. Snapdragon and I tie the knot.