Mom’s Wedding Plans!

Posted by aruchaevsky on May 08, 2009

With mother’s day rapidly approaching, I wanted to give all the brides and grooms out there some food for thought when considering your mom’s role in the wedding plans and what your wedding may mean to your mom.

In my estimation, I would say at least half of the couples I meet with will have mom present at their appointment or even dad.

The primary reason is that after your own wedding, most parents, (with specific emphasis on mom) can’t wait to plan their daughter or son’s wedding.

This is where some couples find it challenging to accommodate the request of their parents while keeping the wedding plans according to what they want.

The first advice I would give to any couple facing this challenge is that communication will alleviate many of the differences between what you and your mom want.

An example is the wedding album. Many parents would still opt for a more traditional matted album, when most couples want the digital, seamless flush mount album, with a magazine style, layout.

If you sit down with mom and even dad and honestly explain to them what you are looking for and what you want, your mom will become your number one resource for identifying these items and helping you shop for each vendor. At the end of the day all your mom wants is for you to have a great wedding and the better she can understand what you want the more smoothly the experience will be.

The next piece of advice I can give you is to give your mom a specific job. This will keep her focused on the area she may have the most experience with and keep her included in your wedding plans.

So, if you are getting married or just got engaged, than give your mom one of the best gifts you can this Mother’s Day, let her be your wedding planner or just be involved with your wedding day plans.

Have some specific tasks for her and ask her opinion, which will go a long way in making mom feel that she is a big part of your wedding day.

Communication is the key to having any successful event, while keeping everyone involved.

Happy mother’s day to all the mom’s out there and although you may not hear it, your hard work and continued efforts are always appreciated!!