Posted by bridalbuds on Jul 16, 2010

That’s literally the way my MOH now addresses herself in email communications with me.

Now that you saw the beautiful outcome of our save the dates, let me tell you the story of our plans for wedding invitations and save the dates…

Personal Photo of MOH and her Hubby

You see my MOH, pictured above, has been my best friend since we were both extracted from the South and moved to the Frozen Tundra [read: Chicago, IL]. We know exactly how the other one thinks and sometimes that’s a bad thing.

Case in point, she was going to work on my invites and Save the Dates as part of her wedding gift to us… BUT  then all of a sudden she dropped off the face of the earth [read: interwebs and mobile phone]


Oh yes my friends…. she disappeared and/or was hiding from me! Me her former MOH, ME the best friend forever… WHY?!?!?!

Game Spot

Because her computer had bit the big one and she was so upset that she would disappoint me… she hid from me. Once I finally got a hold of her she released the “Sound and Fury” (yay Audiology-related jokes that no one will get!). I said it wasn’t a problem and in fact when she failed to return text/email/voicemail messages I had left… I simply assumed that her computer had died.

Because that my friends is our logic. OBVIOUSLY it had to be her computer… she could never be MAD at moi! So, because I had already assumed this,  I started looking into companies that could subsitute for the gloriousness that is MOH of DOOM.

Personal Photo: That's really just here for hilarity's sake

So with her guidance I gave the designer at Blush Design Studio the specifications for our invites… low and behold between MOH’s description and her color palette we got a beautiful 2-color Letterpress WORK OF ART! (More on Blush Design Studio in an upcoming Vendor Review post)

The moral of this story is rely on your good friends. Because even when they think they’ve let you down and have proclaimed themselves “the worst MOH ever” (her words friends, not mine) they still end up brightening your day and turning it back into sunshine, rainbows and unicorns!

Judah Gabriel

And as you now know this story did have a happy ending, she was able to do our save the dates!