Lovely Braids.

Posted by jnorrie on Nov 07, 2011

Whether on the Runway or  Red Carpet, on the beach or down the aisle, the braid is making a huge come back. Braids can range from a tiny accent to the sublimely absurd, you can do them alone or some need a few extra hands – it doesn’t seem to matter  what you do, as long as you do DO!  They have become so popular that you can purchase clip on braids, braided bun wiglets and braid headbands out of human hair in almost every color.   Why the seemingly sudden surge in popularity?  Pop culture has realized that there is just something romantic about seeing tresses woven and tucked in unexpected ways.

Blonde Bride with an updo of curls held up with wrapped braids

This Bride's blonds locks are held up with woven braids

Brides are embracing the trend, and more and more I find myself incorporating braids into a bride’s and bridesmaid’s hair on the Big Day.  For some brides the braid is the style, for others braids simply act to enhance or add interest to her hair do. While each has her own goal for the use of the braid, all brides have one thing in common – they want the look to be romantic.  On the East Coast, the most popular look is a woven  french braid traversing from one side to the other along the nape of the neck and ending with a curly side bun under the opposite ear.   Tuck in a jewel or flower and WOW!                 Jessica Alba with a french braid on the side and a bun in the back.

No one knows where the practice of intertwining and weaving hair began –  Rapunzel is my first memory (other than my own head :)-  but over time there have become more and more variations on the basic braid.  The ones most common to modern day are:

English Braid – a simple weave of three strands of hair.

French Braid – oddly enough called “tresse Africaine”, African braid, in France.   This braid is a weave with threestrands.  The outer strands are crossed over the center strand after gathering a small section of hair and adding it to itself.

peek-a-boo braids add a bit of "lively"ness to this hairdo

peek-a-boo braids add a bit of "lively"ness to this hairdo

Dutch Braid – this is the French braid, inverted.  Rather than cross the out over the center, you cross under the center.

Fish Tail – Two strands are used for this braid.   Holding the two sections in different hands, the right section is split in two and the outer of the two is crossed over and added to the left hand, to the right side of the section.  This is more of a crisscross than a weave.

However you decided to add a twist or crisscross to your wedding – I am sure it will be spectacular!  Do share a pic with us, I’d love to see!  Jacki Norrie