Photo by B&G Photography

If you’re getting married this weekend and have been nervously stalking the weather forecast for this weekend, you’re probably aware that in most parts of the country, it’s pretty darn hot outside! In an effort to keep your guests cool and comfortable, here are a few last minute ideas:

  • Drinks for everyone: Especially if you are getting married outdoors, make sure that guests are offered a cold beverage while they’re waiting for the ceremony to begin – or even fun popsicles or flavored ice cubes. Even just having ample bottled water on hand will be appreciated.
  • Break out the fans: Purchase a bunch of inexpensive fans in your wedding colors from a party supply store. They’ll add a pop of hue to your ceremony decor, and help guests beat the heat.
  • Move it: If you have any flexibility in where to hold your ceremony, consider all of your options. If you’re set on holding your ceremony outdoors, is there a shady spot to shield guests from the sun? Is there an indoor (air conditioned) option you’re comfortable with?
  • Cool down: Cold moist towels can give guests a quick fix against the heat. Have an usher or bridesmaid hand these out as guests are entering the ceremony.
  • Always wear sunscreen: Be sure to have a few bottles of sunscreen on hand on the day of your wedding (creating a little “sunscreen station” would be super cute and encourage guests to slather on the stuff!). Your guests will thank you!
  • Take a seat: Make sure you keep several seats in the front row of your ceremony empty so that members of your wedding party can sit down if need be. Encourage your bridesmaids and groomsmen to take a seat at any point if they’re feeling lightheaded or overheated – and make sure there’s enough seating for all of your guests (especially the elderly). You can also stash some bottled water near the altar so that your wedding party can stay hydrated.
  • Fun favors: Inexpensive sunglasses and/or flip flops can make easy favors that also help keep guests comfortable throughout the day.

If you are getting married this weekend, we understand you have a lot going on and might not have a ton of time to make these last-minute heat-beating preparations. Enlist a wedding planner, member of your wedding party, or relative to help make it happen – that’s what they’re there for! Congratulations and stay cool!