I Thought Our Honeymoon Might Be Ruined!

Posted by lilac on Aug 08, 2011

Shortly after arriving in Atlanta, Georgia for our layover we called the parents to check-in and let them know we were safe on the ground at least for awhile. That’s when my mother-in-law broke the news. Her morning Facebook browsing uncovered that our aunt, uncle and co. would be leaving on the same cruise with us the next day!

I was originally seriously pissed, and here’s why: the family joining us on the honeymoon hadn’t bothered to RSVP in anything close to an official manner and didn’t show up at our wedding… but they were going on our honeymoon!

{Our personal photo}

Having the family on the same cruise as we were for our honeymoon was not ideal, but it turned out to be much less annoying and obtrusive as I had expected. Since we had different interests and there were 5,500 other people on the ship as well, we only ran into them a handful of times. They were kind enough to realize that we wanted to be left alone but also  pitched in a little to one evening a little special by sending a bottle of wine to our dining table.

Crazy stuff is going to happen with your wedding/honeymoon and sometimes you just have to roll with it.