I Kept My Sanity: A Recap from the Week of the Wedding

Posted by poinsettia on Nov 07, 2011

The week before the wedding is a total blur. I can not believe how fast it went.  I was fortunate enough to have had a ton of vacation days so I took the whole week off prior to the wedding, which really helped cut down on the stress level. My mom and I sat around and watched a lot of scary movies and started the off-the-air tv series, Jericho! Thank you Netflix instant! Exciting, I know!

Here is the week summed up in one little blog post!

Part #1: Wedding Prep

Poinsettia Dude flew back from San Francisco and we got our marriage license.

I got my hair highlighted at Glynn Jones Salon by the best colorist (personal opinion) in DC!

A process that took over 3 hours (3.5 to be exact) and about 1,000 foils (a complete exaggeration)!

My sister, mom, and I had a relaxing time at a local spa where we received manis & pedis and awesome chair massages.

We sipped on free champagne while we got our Shellac gel manicures.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a wedding week without a few last minute wedding crafts.  With the help of the bridesmaids, we finished the programs just in time!

As you may know, wedding planning makes people crazy.  It is somewhat exaggerated the week of the wedding because of all the last minute items that pop up or need crossed off.  If you have the vacation time, I highly recommend taking off the week of the wedding. Trust me, you will need it for your sanity! Within minutes, I went from being cool as a cucumber watching a movie to having a minor anxiety attack about all the little wedding details that still needed to be done, whether they were within my control or not!