I found it!!!

Posted by orchid on Aug 29, 2012

Project Crane Status Report: white cranes–250 (DONE!) Turquoise– 222 (CLOOOOOSE!) Purple–227 (EVEN CLOSER!!!) Gray–154 (…I’ll get there.)  Total: 853! 85%!

Alright, Garden.  The moment of truth has arrived.  It’s time to see my dress!!!!

Like I said here, I really should start calling this “How Nothing Went How I Wanted It To Go (Part 2)” because, again, what I wanted to do for my wedding dress and what actually happened are two different stories.  However, what ended up happening was pretty great.

Oh wait! I forgot something!

Mistah J, I love you with all of my heart and you are my very best friend.  Ordinarily, I have no secrets from you.  But this is one secret I need to keep a little bit longer.  Here is your stop, puddin. 😉

All who are not Jokers may proceed….

When I was a senior in high school, I had the awesome opportunity to design my prom dress. Mommy Orchid heard about a seamstress in my hometown who would sew dresses for you if you brought them….well, anything, really.  Pictures, patterns, sketches, whatever.  This idea fascinated me.  I loved the idea of wearing a dress like no one else to my Senior Prom.  Not anything crazy.  I’m not Lady Gaga by any means.  But I have always loved the idea of standing out in a crowd.  And designing my own dress?  Well that sounded like the perfect opportunity.  I had actually been sketching clothes for years, doodling on sides of pages when I was bored or felt inspired by something.  (I never sewed my own outfits though– I’m a terrible seamstress.)  Because of this, I was fairly confident in my ability to do this myself.  I did tons of research to find out what was popular at the time and came up with something I thought was pretty special:

Sorry for the captions. I did all of those in high school, and this was the only one I had on my computer.

I’m still so proud of this dress.  It’s not my taste anymore, but it certainly was at that time.  I was so happy wearing it, especially when girls came up to me all night and asked where I got my dress.  I was bursting with happiness every time I got to tell people I designed it.

Ever since then, I’ve said I wanted to design my wedding dress.  Since 2006, I have loved the idea of the most important dress I will ever wear being something that was completely of my own design. That I would never see anyone else in. I still love that idea, to be honest.

After Mistah J proposed, I instantly launched into research.  I looked through tons of blogs, magazines, websites, watched tons of “Say Yes to the Dress” and “FourWeddings” (a personal favorite of mine). I wanted to know exactly what was out there right now.  I wanted to get inspired.  I knew what I was looking for, in theory.  As we’ve mentioned before, the Orchid Bud is quite the busty gal.  I knew one of the biggest things I wanted in my dress (if you’ll pardon the pun) was something that would hide those puppies. Be it sleeves, straps, a shawl of some sort, whatever.  I also knew, due to my slightly larger (but growing smaller) tummy, I didn’t want a mermaid style.  It’s funny, as big as I am on top, I have NO hips and where my butt should be there is only more back.  So I don’t really have the body type to fill a dress like that out and it be flattering on me.  I did want something with a little bit of a dropped or lowered waist, nothing too high because my waist is about a mile long (so for those keeping tabs I have: huge boobs, no hips, no butt, a long waist, and long skinny legs and arms…how is my body not in a freak show?).  I didn’t want a long train.  And whatever it looked like, I knew I wanted lace.  So I had ideas in mind for what I wanted.  But I knew I needed to actually see dresses on me before I could even begin sketching.  I had to see for myself what looked good and what didn’t.  So one day, Mommy Orchid,Princess Rapunzel, Princess Jasmine, Princess Jasmine’s mommy, and I all loaded up and went looking at some dresses.

I was honest with the workers in the dress salon from the beginning.  I let them know I was only there to get inspired and not to get their hopes too high.  They understood and were great, bringing me tons and tons of dresses for me to try on in all different styles.  And for most of the visit there, it worked.  I was getting an idea of what looked good, what didn’t, what I hated, what I loved.  Then Mommy Orchid found a beautiful dress I knew I had to try on.  It fit all of my requirements! Wide straps across the shoulders, a dropped waist, A-line skirt, short train, and lace!  When I put it on in the dressing room and looked down at myself, I audibly gasped.  Mommy Orchid now says she heard me do it and knew then I was on to something.

When I came out of the dressing room, I could tell by the looks on everyone’s faces that I found the dress.  My search was over.  There was no need to look anywhere else, no need for a sketch, nothing.

Me with Rapunzel (right) and Jasmine (left).

I didn’t imagine I would find something that fit me so perfectly, and not just my body.  Not only that, but everyone agreed it was the perfect dress for me! It literally is the perfect match for me, just like the Joker. 🙂

Have you found your dress yet?  Was it this easy for you to find or did you have a bit of a challenge?