How to Get Away?

Posted by violet on Jan 25, 2013

Our honeymoon is booked, we are going on the fabulous Allure of the Seas with Royal Caribbean, and we couldn’t be more excited. There’s only one slightly major minor problem.  Our flight leaves the morning after our wedding at 7 a.m.  This leaves us with a few logistical problems that we have to figure out. (Before anyone suggests it, we HAVE to leave the next day. We can’t wait until the following weekend to go because I will be headed back to school.)

So, here are our problems:

1. We will be leaving our parents and our wedding party to completely pack up and take all the centerpieces, gifts etc. back home.  I feel bad doing this because I know how much work it will be for my parents to load and unload all those items.

2.  Our flight leaves at 7 a.m. That means we have to be at the airport at 5 a.m. the day after our wedding, which just plain stinks.

3. What in the heck am I going to do with my wedding dress? This is the major issue that I’ve been trying to figure out.  I obviously can’t take my wedding dress with me on the plane (as much as I’d love to wear it to formal night, I’m not paying the extra $200 to take it on the plane with me.) We are also going to be staying at a hotel that has a shuttle to the airport, so my parents will be coming to pick up our car from the hotel the next morning.  So, do I leave my dress in the backseat of the car? Do I leave it at the hotel front desk? Or do I change out of my dress at the reception hall and give it to my mom there?  So many options, but I’m not sure what to do!

I love the idea of a “getaway” dress, but I love my wedding dress so much that I almost want to wear it to the hotel and everything!

I also love this little white suit. Although I’m not sure I’d want to wear it on the plane at 7 a.m. Sweats seems so much comfier.

What should I do, Garden?  I need your help!