Honeymoon Heaven

Posted by sunflower on Aug 27, 2012

Good afternoon, ladies! I’d like to tell you about my MAJOR excitement of an old high school drama teacher giving us one of the best wedding presents ever!  Now, FH and I got engaged in Walt Disney World last year in March.  It was my first visit and it is safe to say one of, if not the, happiest days of my life so far!  Undoubtedly, we wanted to honeymoon back in the place where it (don’t kill me for sounding cliche) all began!  A friend of ours works as a travel agent, and that is how we planned our trip last year.  We went to her and began booking our honeymoon and wow is WDW expensive in November.  Who knew it was so popular to vacation there after Thanksgiving?  All we could afford was the basic “All-Star” resort, which is fine.  It just isn’t…romantic.  But anyways, we booked it and began to plan our trip when out of nowhere, seriously, an old teacher messaged me on Facebook congratulating us on our engagement.  He also said he had an “idea” for us if we were to honeymoon in Disney.

Long story short, he is a part of the ever-exclusive Disney Vacation Club.  To us, that meant a very, very awesome hotel for an even awesome-r price.  Little did we know how awesome it actually was.  We canceled our booking when our travel agent told us she would “hate to lose the business, but it was an offer we should not pass up,”  that’s when we knew it was a big deal.  We now are going to pay LESS to stay in (get this) a villa inside Animal Kingdom, animals to greet us at our window each morning, than we would have to stay in the small room at the All Star Resort.

Our first trip to Disney was our engagement story, so this trip has to trump that!  We plan on dining in Cinderella’s Castle, which we have never done! And the new and improved Fantasy Land has been open since last month, and our favorite story characters have a restaurant opening the second-to-last day of our trip. (dun dun dun) the Be Our Guest Restaurant, Gaston’s Tavern… AND Beast’s Castle! Plus, we did get “Just Engaged” buttons last time, we will be opting to get some “Just Married” and “Happily Ever After” ones this time around!

Where are you Buds going on your honeymoon? And what are you doing to make it extra special?