Guest Book Ideas – Wish Jar

Posted by bridalbuds on Mar 27, 2009

Following my first post on the subject, readers were so helpful!  Poppy Blossom had great luck with the Polaroid Guest Book, which was one of my favourite routes.  However, I am concerned that it might be too interactive for some guests, and I don’t want to miss anyone!  So, new plan:

Wish Jar

Guests can write little notes on paper provided, and put them in the jar.  I am liking this idea because:

– I can use all of the leftover paper that didn’t make the cut for my invitations (it’s a bride’s prerogative to change her mind about paper colour, texture, style…)

– The notes can possibly be more intimate, as no one will be able to read them once in the jar

– I can scrapbook it later!

I would also like to encourage people to drop polaroid pictures into the jar as well, as we’ll have polaroid cameras around the reception.  I must look for a beautiful big apothecary jar, which will create beautiful decor as well


What do we think?