Greetings from the Newly Installed Cotton Bud!

Posted by cotton on Jan 09, 2013

Hello, lovely ladies (and gentlemen)! I am thrilled to be the newest bloggess here on the Bridal Bud block. I have been engaged for nearly three months, but I’m off to a slow start for the wedding plans because my fiance was overseas until a little under a month ago. However, my fiance and I are hurriedly putting our ducks in a row now that he is back in the states. We are getting married on August 10, 2013, and I’ve never been more excited! Let me give you a bit of a back story for our relationship:

How we met:

Mr. Cotton and I met as random opponents on the phone app game Words With Friend. Now, I know that might sounds crazy; I myself still have a hard time believing it actually happened! I grew up in the era of the “don’t talk to strangers” curriculum in my elementary classes. But after the initial awkward conversations through the Words With Friends chat feature, we eventually moved on to adding each other as friends on Facebook, texting and calling and Skype video calls. A trust was built. The attraction had been there from the very start, but after three months, we felt confident in our connection enough to meet in person. We’ve been inseparable since – well, when we can be in the same geographical location, we’re inseparable. Mr. Cotton is finishing up his degree in Arkansas, and I live and work in Texas. We will have been rocking this whole long distance relationship thing for two years and a day when we finally get married. We met on August 8th, started dating August 9th, and will be married on August 10th – of course not all in the same year, nonetheless it’s pretty cool to say. Our engagement date is kinda cool all by itself – 10/11/12, but more on that in the next section.

Our Engagement Story:

Mr. Cotton signed up for the study trip of a lifetime, just a few weeks before meeting me. He was set to travel to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia and Japan for three months in the fall of 2012. He told me about the trip as we were getting to know on another, but I pushed it to the back burner of my mind – it was over a year away!  Unfortunately, like the old cliché, time flies when you’re having fun. Before I realized it, I was kissing the man I loved goodbye for a semester. I tried to be brave and happy for him. I wanted to show him my support. I tried to be brave. But try as I tried to ignore the feeling and stay busy, loneliness crept into my life. One night, when Mr. Cotton had internet connectivity in New Zealand, he video called me. I could tell something was up with Mr. Cotton, he was smiley and giggly and very pleased with himself. He told me he had gotten me something “actually worthwhile.” I told him then that all the gifts he had ever given me were worthwhile. He told me what he had gotten me was better than any of the gifts he’s ever given me before. That was when I knew what he was talking about. He asked me to guess my present. I made some absurd guesses, like a kangaroo or an airplane. He laughed and asked me what I really thought he had bought me. I cautiously asked if he got me a ring. He left the screen at that moment and brought back a little purple box. I nearly fainted. He then took out the most gorgeous ring! I cried. It was beautiful. We decided then to keep the engagement secret until he got back. Sadly, neither one of us is very good at keeping secrets. The next day he asked for the blessings, and we announced our engagement to our friends and family. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, Mr. Cotton, with the help of his parents, surprised me by arriving back in the states earlier than I expected. He got down on one knee to present my ring to me. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

Our wedding plans:

We have a few of the bigger things in place for our wedding: my dress is ordered, his tux is fitted, and we have our venue. We’re getting married in a botanical garden on an August evening. My dress is fabulous – a one shoulder number with a mini train. Our colors are a deep sapphire blue & light leaf green. When I asked Mr. Cotton if he liked those colors, he smiled and informed me that those were “Seahawks colors.” I think he’s pleased!

Well that’s about it for now. I look forward to posting updates about my wedding and learning wedding tips from the other Bridal Buds!