Green and Yellow Ranch Wedding in Hawaii

Posted by Caitlin on Apr 23, 2013

Lauren & Marc

September 1

Haleiwa, Hawaii


1. What was the one thing about your venue that made you know it was the one?

Just looking at pictures of our venue, Sunset Ranch, I knew it was the right place for us. It had beautiful views, and a perfect outdoor area where we knew we wanted to hold the ceremony. We booked immediately, then made a site visit. After visiting, we knew we made the right choice, it was just as we hoped it would be.

2. Which three details from your wedding were your favorites?

First, our venue was secluded and private. This created an intimate setting, which we envisioned for our wedding day. Second, we loved that our venue was exclusive to us. All areas of the ranch were ours for the day. The areas seemed limitless, including a rain forest, open grassy fields with views of the ocean and sunset in the evening, a pond and even a rustic barn, which we used for our reception. The exclusiveness of the venue gave us creative freedom to create our own unique wedding. Third, the ice cream truck that was driven into the barn to serve our guests dessert. We received many complements and had many fun pictures of guests eating colorful ice cream bars. Our wedding had a casual feel, and with the ice cream truck, the guests were able to have some fun on the warm, balmy, Hawaiian night.

3. Give us the one moment from your wedding that you can’t stop thinking about.

The moment I can’t stop thinking about is when I walked out during our ceremony to meet my husband. I had a slightly far walk to get to the altar, there wasn’t a traditional aisle. I had my brother escort me around the ranch house, and out along a grassy field where I was finally able to see all of our friends and family. I heard our musician singing the song I wanted, The Beatles’ “In My Life” and as I got close enough to see everyone, I started to get really emotional. It hit me all of a sudden, after all the years spent together, we were finally going to be married. I started to tear up and was so happy. Since many events during our wedding came and went too quickly, this is a moment that I vividly remember and will never forget.


Photography:  Rachel Robertson Photography | Venue: Sunset Ranch Hawaii | Caterer: Gourmet Events Hawaii | Musician: Kamuela Kahoano | Event Planner: Thomas Nissel | Videographer: Isle Media | Makeup Artist: Mia Moriguchi | Equipment Rentals: Pacific Party Rentals, LLC