Getting Started: Registry Must-Haves

Posted by Kim on Apr 08, 2013

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Registering for gifts can be totally fun. You go to the store, get the scan gun and scan to your hearts’ content (notice we say hearts- that means your spouse-to-be has a say, too!) to stock your newlywed home. However, many find it to be completely overwhelming. To avoid this, have a game plan before you go into the store, so you avoid registering for random things that you don’t really end up using in the long run (what did that gadget do again?). We’ve rounded up the must-have gift categories that you’ll want to include in your registry.


We’re talking both fine and casual china here – you’ll want to register for at least 6-8 sets of everything, and pick patterns aren’t too trendy. You’ll want something that you’ll love for a lifetime. You may not think you need fine china and that you’ll never use it but trust us- down the line, you’ll want it to host your family and friends.


Forks, knives, and spoons – be sure to pick flatware you feel comfortable holding. Look for 18/10 stainless steel to ensure your fave pattern will stand the test of time.


Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or aren’t much of a drinker at all, you’ll still want a set of nice wine glasses for special occasions.


Trays, serving dishes, and hostess sets – these pieces are perfect for any entertaining, from brunch to buffet to tapas.


There’s nothing like cooking with a good set of pots and pans. You’ll want to register for the high-quality stuff here to make cooking and cleaning an easy task.


Even if you’re not into sweets, you should still register for a set of bakeware – from muffin and loaf pans to mixing bowls and cookie sheets for making side dishes like quiche and roasted veggies.


A sturdy set of knives will make chopping and slicing a breeze, and should last for many years, so choose wisely.

Kitchen Electronics

Stand mixers, toasters, rice cookers, and more – these items really speed up the prep-time in the kitchen but we admit they, can take up a lot of space in your kitchen, so choose the ones you know you’ll actually use.


Select kitchen tools that will make cooking easier for you – citrus juicers, garlic pressers, and the like. These smaller tools can make great shower gifts, as well.


Spruce up your bedroom with brand-new sheets. You may also want to register for an extra set for your guest room, as well.


Register for a few sets of new towels – a luxurious (but entirely necessary) indulgence.

Home Décor

Picture frames, vases, bowls, and other decorative pieces are popular gifts, so be sure to register for several options.


This is your chance to get top-of-the-line luggage for your honeymoon and beyond.