Flower Petal Aisle Runners

Posted by Lauryn on Jun 02, 2009


I have seen the above photograph before and always wondered how this aisle runner was made. Did they buy a ton of flower petals and lay them down? Wouldn't they blow away or be dragged by the brides gown? cheap cialis online Well. . .I finally found an answer: petal fabric! Edley Associates Inc sells 3' square flower petal tiles, or custom 25' by 3' aisle runners. The flower petals are attached to a fabric, making them easy to lay down and walk on! They come in a wide variety of colors and styles so you can find the right combination for your wedding day!


I love the idea of a flower aisle runner, especially for an outdoor wedding! There is little need for other decoration as this aisle runner is the center of attention! Be sure when using aisle runners to rope off the center aisle prior to the wedding, meaning guests will need to be seated via the outside aisles.

You don't have to use this just for aisle runners. Be creative with uses, such as decoration for the cake table. They also have flower petal ribbon available as an alternate option. This can be used to rope off the aisle before the start of the wedding, to decorate chairs, or many other uses!

What uses could you find for this fabric?