Flower Arrangement Ideas

Posted by poppy on Sep 29, 2010

I took a floral design class here a the U just a semester back…it was AMAZING! I learned the basics of designing my own arrangements as well as the in’s and out’s of a floral business. The most helpful thing I learned…how expensive real flowers are! For the make-believe wedding I was required to create for the class final, the budget for the flowers was upwards of $7,000. And I thought my arrangements were pretty modest!

Here’s some pictures of arrangement I made in class just to give you an idea:

Now that I am trying to cap spending on my own REAL wedding at $10,000…spending over 2/3 of the budget on flowers isn’t realistic. My solution: I will be buying silk flowers and making the arrangements myself with some help from a terrific and talented family friend.

I’m also saving money (and the planet) by recycling containers to use as vases for the arrangements at the reception. I’m going to use wine bottles for taller arrangements and mason jars and tin cans for shorter ones. Just add a little ribbon, decorative wire, and vio-la! Now I just need to pick the flowers…ha!

Be sure to look for a post in the future about the arrangements I create!