Farmer’s Market Fresh Favors

Posted by kharrison on Aug 15, 2012

Summer is the perfect time to create fun, eco-friendly favors that your guests will love to take home. The best part is, creating them won’t break the bank!

Seasonal fruits make wonderful (and tasty) favors.  Head down to your local farmer’s market to pick up affordable and stylish gifts for your guests!  Placing your fruit of choice in a small sustainable bag is the perfect way to “dress” any fruit up. Decorate the bags with stamps and designs, or carefully write out a message, the date of the wedding, and you and your spouse’s name to add a more personal touch.

If you’re throwing a rustic or outdoor wedding you can incorporate your fruity favors into your big day decor.  Look through local thrift stores and garage sales to find nice wooden baskets that you can place bigger fruit into, such as peaches and pears. Write “Help yourself to some local fruit favors” on a rustic chalkboard as a cute way to serve your favors. Check your local farm and farmer’s markets to find fruit in bulk.

S’mores are an iconic summer dessert and make the perfect wedding favor.  Break up chocolate bars and graham crackers into squares and place them into small cellophane bags. Real cellophane is made of a wood cellulose product that is biodegradable. Make sure you are using the real thing and not plastic cellophane baggies. You can also place the treats into small burlap bags or old mason jars and wrap the favors with twine or ribbon with a fun message. Play around with the word “S’more” to create charming gift tags that guests will love!

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