Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Posted by kharrison on Sep 02, 2011

Fall is harvest season which means there is fresh produce abound! Get creative and use orange, green and white pumpkins, gourds and other natural decor for a beautiful and sustainable autumn wedding.

Simply fill up glass bottles and vases with water and float some seasonal flowers and mini gourds inside them. You can reuse the glasses after the wedding! This is an inexpensive and eco-chic table decoration that pops with autumnal colors!

Floating gourd decor, Isn’t It Just Darling?

You can decorate pumpkins with beautiful carvings and place a candle inside for some nice warm candlelight.

Green Pumpkin Carvings, Berkshire Wedding Style

Decoupage a white pumpkin with fallen leaves from the outdoors for a natural splash of color!

Decoupage White Pumpkin by Midwest Living

Use the natural shapes of gourds to your advantage. Hollow them out and cut off the tops to make earthy vases filled with local and seasonal flowers.

Gourd vases, Nancy Creative

You can also highlight the beauty of fall by placing real leaves in glass containers or scatter them around your table centerpieces.

Autumn splendor, Isn’t It Just Darling?

Pretty stenciling, Ric Rac, ribbon, organic fabrics and other materials from home can be placed on the natural lines and curves of gourds, pumpkins and other seasonal fruits for a little extra color and style.

Ric Rac Pumpkins, Eddie Ross