Fabulous Back Yard Wedding With Some DIY Inspiraton

Posted by hchapple on Mar 05, 2010
Photography by Stephen Bobb of Love, Life Images

Photography by Stephen Bobb of Love, Life Images

This was absolutely one of my favorite weddings last year, because the end results were truly amazing. If you have read some of my other posts you may have caught my post on DIY.  I discussed in that post how DIY can often go very wrong. This is one instance where the partnering of the professionals and the DIY projects absolutely created magic.

I think the hardest part about DIY is realizing what you can and can’t do, or what you will and won’t have time for.  If you are truly crafty and you have an army of helpers taking on some of these projects is totally great. My bride Jessica wanted to help with the flowers but started to realize that perhaps the majority of the flower design was best left to a professional. So I handled bouquets, bouts, corsages and mixed vases of flowers. So that Jessica could participate in the flower design I sent her to my local grower. She purchased dahlias and she did the arrangements that were simply one dahlia in a mason jar.

dahlia bridal bouquet

dahlia bouquets

blue thistly, billy balls, green hydrangea and touches of orange crocosmia

Due to the fact that  I was handling the bouquets, the bride was able to focus on these other projects like her paper flowers she made for the aisle.

paper flowers for aisle markers

The Photo Booth.

photo booth

They even brought in bales of hay, and potted plants. They also made the chalk boards that were used for the menu.

Chalk boards were also created by the family

The flower designs created by the bride and her family, consisted of one bud in either an antique medicine jar or mason jars.


dahlias in mason jars

They hung green chinese lanterns from the tent and they made burlap runners for all of the tables.


burlap runners with bud vases of dahlias

The family also took an old screen and used that to display the seating cards.


Family photos were hung on clothes line with wooden pins.

display of family photos

back yard wedding

The ceremony took place by a pond on the family farm. The evening ended with a Pinata.  The combined effort of  professionals and a team of family members made this wedding simply over the top.

Many thanks to Stephen Bobb of Love Life Images for his incredible photography. It is my total belief that photography should always be left to the professionals.

Pinata game