Engaged: A Gift of Another at Christmas

Posted by mmaxfield on Dec 24, 2012

All those new family-to-be members waiting in the wings of Christmas Eve to welcome you into the family, at last! Hark! What better symbol of family heirlooms and traditions, than a chorus of Steinbach's German nutcrackers! Photo: Marjorie Maxfield


A Christmas engagement!

Is it not one of the most romantic times of the year? A time of gifting. And, a time to pause, (gasp, not in the middle aisle of Bloomingdale’s in NYC, Apple Store in Houston’s Galleria, or  the cosmetic counter at Neiman Marcus, LA) and reflect on “just what does my engagement mean?”

If you suspect a ringing in the near future or, after the 1st; read on.

To be engaged is to receive a gift of another, and, likewise, be that gift to another.

Nothing tops this! All eyes will be on your ring; however, you know that a gift of another is the most magnificent gift that you will receive and give this, or any other Yule!

With this ring, more Christmas gifts abound– a new family! New traditions, new names and faces, along with all those family stories that need to be remembered and retold. They, the in-laws, sisters, brothers, children, aunts, uncles, cousins to the third  line of relatives, are, too, a gift! All to shine brightly on your tree of life!

Perhaps, a word or two of a practical matter!

What to do first after the blush of yes has faded and needs to be enhanced with a sweep of Chanel Joules Contraste pink powder. Make a list, and check it twice. Here’s mine, a national wedding etiquette expert:
Wedding papers:

Engagement party invites

Save the dates

Wedding Invitation, reception, reply set

Thank you notes, before and apres wedding

His thank you correspondence cards (gift him, please)

Wedding programs

Reception accoutrements: menu, place cards, seating cards, personalized napkins

Bridal luncheon invites, gifts for hostesses and glamorous attendants

Rehearsal dinner invites (mother-of-the-bride always appreciates input)

Whew! What a list! Keep it close to your heart, no, not stuffed down that divine winter white cashmere Lauren sweater, but on your iPhone for quick referral.

Not to mention, start your guest list immediately! Soon, you’ll be on a first name basis with everyone, especially after a few spins through the Excel list, checking them off, (naughty or nice, invited or not).

Wedding list deadline: 30 days after the first flash of your ring! Then, get thee to a nearby stationery store to begin selecting and ordering the Wedding Paper Trail.

Engaged at Christmas! Congratulations!

Keep calm and enjoy!

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