Eco-Friendly Honeymoons

Posted by Brian on Apr 25, 2008

While flying a bio-diesel fueled airplane may not be happening in the near future, there are ways to be ‘green’ with your honeymoon. Companies like Elevate Destinations offer trip packages to locations you may not think of when planning your honeymoon, like Africa, South and Central America or even India and New Zealand. While there you can be involved with philanthropic activities in the local region while still getting a great tan and enjoying beach time depending on location.

You can also look into resorts that are going green like the Hotel Eco Paraíso Xixim on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico that filters waste water to use in their gardens and solar panels to heat the water in their pools.

There’s even a site dedicated to Eco-Tourism.  They offer tips and ideas for traveling and destination choices.  Even MSN has a Green Travel site and Yahoo! has entire property dedicated to being ‘green’.

So when planning your honeymoon travel, if you’re interested in doing something a little ‘green’, finding ideas is getting easier and easier.  Enjoy!