Last summer, I had the pleasure of attending a wedding in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Nearly all of the guests were out-of-towners, making this a definite destination wedding. I was so impressed with their attention to the little details that made the entire weekend flow as a seamless event, while leaving plenty of room for each guest to enjoy their own “mini vacation” in this popular seaside spot.

Disclaimer: I hope you will excuse my sub-par photography skills for the benefit of this great idea!

Perhaps the most useful detail was this clever “Guide to Awesomeness” that the couple put together themselves and tucked into each out-of-towner’s welcome bag. The guide unfolded, map-style, to reveal a large, full-color road map of the Myrtle Beach area, complete with numbered pinpoints of each wedding event, recommended restaurants, and even golfing options!

The bottom half of the guide provided categorized details of each marked location.  The couple incorporated lighthearted tips and recommendations for each spot so we’d easily be able to find the best haunt for local seafood or the ideal destination for entertaining kids at an alligator farm!

Their helpful guide allowed me to set aside my printed, unpredictable Mapquest directions and follow their handy, local-approved map.  We weren’t late to a single activity!  And best of all, we felt like we got the most out of our “mini vacation” by sticking to the bride and groom’s fabulous recommendations.  If you’re planning a destination wedding, take a cue from these newlyweds and create your own “Guide to Awesomeness!”