Delegate, delegate, delegate!

Posted by bridalbuds on Oct 04, 2011

My new favorite word–and definitely not something I was good at or used to before wedding planning!  As planning became more stressful I was starting to lose some of my joy in the wedding.  I had always heard people say that they just “couldn’t wait until it was over” and I never wanted to be that person–a wedding was supposed to be a happy occasion! But as the stress started piling on, I could hear myself thinking, “Man, it might be nice to just get this over with.” Lovebug even shared with me his own stress about wedding planning and all those tiny details.

When I feel like this, I watch this video by our videographer. Makes it much better.  I LOVE that song.

My mother sat down with me and our acting coordinator, a friend of ours who is fantastically organized, and said to me, “Stop trying to do this all yourself, let us do the things that you really don’t need to do.” And, you know what, best. decision. EVER!!

So, figuring out how to decorate the cocktail hour space at the mansion? Not my problem. Ordering candles? Not my problem. Pretty much anything where I thought, “Do I really need to do this?” has been turned over to their capable hands. This takes a considerable amount of trust and relinquishment of control. But when you’re in the spot where you just don’t want to do it anymore: let someone else do it!

At the end of the day, on the wedding day, I know that there are things I’m not even going to notice. I’m okay with that. I’m also okay with the knowledge that, as long as we’re married by then, Lovebug and I will be happy with everything.