Daddy-Daughter Dance

Posted by Dahlia on Jul 19, 2010


So this past Saturday I went to a wedding with Dahlia Dude and his parents. One of the most emotional and memorable moments of the entire wedding was definitely the father-daughter dance. It was such a beautiful moment, and they picked a song that was absolutely perfect: ‘I Loved Her First’ by Heartland. You can listen to the song here.

It really got me thinking about my dad. I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, and, being his first born, my dad still sees me as his baby girl. However, my dad’s a little…different. That’s pretty much the only way I can describe him. He’s a great man and someone who you can definitely look up to, but he is really only ’emotional’ when we’re alone. To this day, he still jokes that he married my mom on the condition that they wouldn’t dance at their wedding, and I honestly still don’t know whether or not he’s serious. On the day of their wedding, my dad and his best man jumped in a swimming pool in their full tuxes, then tried to throw my mother in. My paternal grandfather is the only thing that stopped them. So, as you’ve probably figured out, weddings aren’t exactly my dad’s cup of tea. But, while most of my wedding isn’t very traditional, I want my dad walking me down the aisle, and I want a daddy-daughter dance.

I don’t think that I’ll have much of a problem convincing my dad to walk me down the aisle, as it doesn’t really require a lot of thought or energy. And, while my dad has a bit of a prickly, tough exterior, he really is soft and gushy on the inside. Even if he acts like it’s not that big a deal, I’m willing to be there will be a few tears. The first dance, however is a completely different story. You see, my dad just…doesn’t dance. In all my life, I’ve seen my dad dance once. Yes, really just once. We actually took a picture, because it only lasted about thirty seconds. And so the task remains to approach him about doing a father-daughter dance with me. Except…well, there are a few logistical problems with that idea.

You see, I wanted to surprise my dad. I know, I know, I’m making this insanely difficult for myself. But you see, there’s a song that I vividly remember my dad playing for me as a little girl. It’s called ‘Delaney Talks to Statues’ by Jimmy Buffet. Yes, Jimmy Buffet. But it’s a very sweet song and it really reminds me of my childhood. Click here if you want to listen to it. Anyway, I wanted to surprise him with this song/dance thing. I mean, the last time I remember him playing this song for me was when I was probably about four, when my sister was still a baby. I always thought of it as our song, and the fact that he never played it for either of my sisters only strengthened that for me. So there was really no question of what song would be played, but how I would get my dad on the dance floor with him being none the wiser.

So, after much thought, quite a bit of whining to Dahlia Dude, and talking to my good friends, the current plan is to wait until the date draws closer and then bring my mom in on it. While my dad is about as stubborn as a mule, he’ll listen to my mom, if to anyone. I’ll tell her the big secret and ask her to get my dad out on that dance floor without telling him about it. Then I’ll hopefully get my daddy-daughter dance, while still surprising him.

Was there anything that you just absolutely had to have at the wedding? That one tradition that you couldn’t go without? What was it and why did you want it so bad?