Cruise the Mediterranean for Your Honeymoon

Posted by lfrazier on Apr 19, 2013

Your wedding day is coming up, and you’re looking forward to a honeymoon that’s romantic, relaxing and adventurous. You dream of not having to lift a finger during the entire vacation – unless you want to – and it’s your hope to spend it in a place that’s sure to create memories to last a lifetime.

There’s the problem: Where should you go?

If romance, adventure and lots of pampering matter to you and your honey, a Mediterranean cruise just might be in order.

Why cruise the Mediterranean for your honeymoon? Here are just a few of the many reasons why this is a trip worth taking:

  • The world-renowned sights – Destinations throughout the Mediterranean are known the world over for its amazing appeal. Whether you opt for a cruise that takes you to Italy’s shores, or you visit the Greek isles or even Spain, you’re going to find plenty of things to see and do. This entire region is famed for its amazing architecture, beautiful landscapes, pristine waters, museums and historic sites. From the water you’ll see white-washed cities that are post-card perfect. On shore, you’ll enjoy some of the most famous destinations on the planet.
  • The on-board fun– Worry you’ll miss out on some of the fun of touring the Mediterranean by opting to cruise? Let that concern at home. Going by cruise ship is one of the best ways to take in all the beauty that has made this region a favorite for centuries. Plus, while you’re onboard, you’ll find there’s never a lack of things to do. Mediterranean cruise ships boast activities around the clock. From swimming and playing games to taking in live shows and dancing, you’re likely to find yourself having so much fun you won’t want to get off!
  • The cuisine – Cruise ships are famous for their five-star spreads. You can count on enjoy some amazing fare while on board. Now, when you visit the different ports of call in the Mediterranean, you’ll also find culinary treats that defy description. From the amazing flavors of Italy to the distinctive tastes offered in Greece, the culinary offerings are not going to disappoint.
  • The service – If you want to enjoy incredible service the entire time you’re away, a cruise is absolutely the way to go. Just step onboard and you’ll find an entire crew ready to cater to your every need. From room service to the planned activities, you’ll find yourself being treated like royalty.

Looking for a post-wedding getaway that’s romantic and maybe just a little exotic? Just consult your honeymoon travel advisor for information about a Mediterranean cruise. You’ll be glad you did!