CONTEST! Luminess Tan Airbrush System

Posted by vstiles on Jun 30, 2009

To Tan or Not To Tan?

Let me start off by saying, as a makeup artist, I absolutely hate tanning beds.  They’re bad for your skin, you can get a severe burn if you’re not careful, and the color you receive from a tanning bed is unnatural!  It is almost near impossible to get a perfect foundation match when dealing with tanning bed skin.

In May, I visited New York for The Makeup Show and came across a product that intrigued me– Luminess Tan Airbrush System.  An all-in-one tanning system that you can do at home and is safe for your skin?  That’s right folks, there is such a product!  I had to try it out!

How Luminess Tan Airbrush System Works

The minute I arrived back home in Washington DC, I ripped open the box to test the system.  I am happy to report the kit is extremely easy to use and gives a beautiful even coat from head to toe.  For best results, shower and exfoliate your body first, make sure you dry off completely, and have a friend help you with your back, including arms and legs.  An easy airbrush technique is to “paint the fence” by using up and down motions or you can go side to side (I won’t tell Mr. Miyagi!).

For One Lucky Reader of Wedding Aces…..

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Good Luck!


Victoria Stiles