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9 Things to Consider to Set Your Wedding Date

Posted by Caitlin on Feb 05, 2014


Photo: Dea + Bean 

Picking a wedding date isn’t easy. So, before you sit down to look at the calendar with your significant other, consider these nine things: the season, weather, holidays, national or local events, family and friends, other weddings, work schedules, and budget concerns. Phew, that’s a lot! And after you do save-the-date, keep in mind you’ll receive a FREE personalized wedding checklist to help stay organized throughout your planning process.

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3 Interactive Save-the-Dates

Posted by Caitlin on Nov 27, 2012

Save-the-dates not only inform your guests of the wedding date but also set the tone and feel of the wedding. It’s a way for couple’s to showcase their creativity and allow their expected guests to have fun when they open their mail. From balloons to scratch offs, here are our favorite interactive save-the-dates:

1. Balloons: Your guests will be blown away when they inflate this save-the-date.

Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings

2. Web Site: For those eco-friendly couples, creating a web site that depicts your relationship and proposal is the perfect way for your guests to get to know you better. It can even double as your invitations. For inspiration, check out Jess and Russ’s story or create your own.

3. Scratch Offs: Build the suspense by letting your guests guess the date of your wedding. Then, reveal it after they scratch it off on this save-the-date.

Photo: Swiss Cottage Designs 


Unique Save the Date Video Idea!

Posted by Jeffra on Dec 06, 2011

One of our WeddingWire team members, Persephone, just received the final version of her save-the-date video. It’s incredibly unique and so we had to share it with you. Make sure to read the write-up from Persephone before watching!

“As a bride working in the wedding industry wedding planning can make you slightly jaded, because it’s hard to find truly unique ideas that have never been seen before. Our goal with the save-the-date was to “set the stage” for what our guests could expect, get them excited and also have it be representative of myself and my fiancé Eddie. I never thought having a videographer was something of importance to me, but when we came across Fandango Studios and the talent of Ram Hernandez it changed my outlook completely. On his blog he had showcased his latest work, a ‘Save-the-Date’ video that was shot more like a music video that you would see on MTV and we immediately knew that was what we wanted to do. We worked extensively with Ram to create the concept so that the video would be a direct reflection of who we were as a couple. We flew to our wedding destination location – Miami – to film all day and devised the concept around a romanticized version of how Eddie and I met, our love for salsa and all things Miami. It didn’t take long for us to realize that what we were doing here was special. Who gets to spontaneously dance in the middle of the street while a videographer is on the ground filming your feet or drive with a camera strapped to the roof of your car? Filming was one of the most memorable experiences we have had together on this engagement journey and the outcome – the save-the-date video – is more than what we could’ve dreamt was possible.”

An American Wedding Tale from Fandango Studios on Vimeo.

4 Save the Date Ideas We Love…

Posted by Jeffra on Jan 07, 2011

Be creative with your save-the-dates! Here are a few of our favorites from Etsy.

Photo Credit: inkOBSESSIONdesigns

Photo Credit: westwillow

Photo Credit: lillebarntoo

Photo Credit: ellamaedesigns

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