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Top 10 Color Schemes for 2013

Posted by Caitlin on Feb 18, 2013

Photos (clockwise from top left): Melissa McCrotty Photography, Lauren Brooks Photography, Rockrose Floral Design and Amy Majors Photography

1. Blush + Gray

2. Lavendar + Mint

3. Teal + Beige

4. Nectarine + Neon Pink

5. Chocolate + Sunflower Yellow

6. Emerald + Navy Blue

7. Poppy Red + Black

8. Pink + Champagne Gold

9. White + Blueberry

10. Plum + Silver

Which color scheme would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!


Wedding Theme and Tribute

Posted by strawberry on Jan 21, 2013

When it comes down to picking the theme of your wedding, you may become obsessed with trying to make everything you want fit perfectly in that theme. When, in reality, it will not. I did the same thing when I tried to pick the theme for my wedding! However, instead of only using one of the styles I liked, I decided to combine the two. I love the rustic style that’s been popular for a while: think burlap, twine and kraft paper. All of those beautiful natural elements that will look so wonderful with the color explosion of the other theme I love, which is rainbow! You may think to yourself rainbow, really? Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s here in the south many women had rainbow-themed weddings. My mother and father had a rainbow-themed wedding and while discussing this with one of my besties, we found out that her parents did as well! All of the bridesmaids wore a different color, and our mom’s even had their maids wear matching hats. Precious, huh? Well, I am not going that route, but I do plan to incorporate tons of color into my wedding with the use of flowers, and the dishes at the reception. I haven’t quite settled on the flower selection yet however, I know I will be using Homer Laughlin Fiestaware at the reception in about 6 different colors! So, while I do not plan to have people wearing pastel colored hats this wedding serves as kind of a tribute to my mother, who passed away when I was 13. I think she would be pleased that I decided to use her style as a way to incorporate her into my very special day!

Here are some inspiration pictures that I have found that could lend themselves to helping me achieve the look I am going for:

My advice for picking a wedding theme is to decide what you and your fiance like and what your style is. And if that doesn’t fit into a particular box then check the box beside OTHER and have fun making your own personal theme! It’s your party, and you can do what you want to!

Color Trend: Neon

Posted by Caitlin on Oct 12, 2012


Photos (clockwise from top left): Ladyfingers Letterpress, Art Life Beauty, Blue Note Bakery and Becca Rillo Photography

The 1980s neon color trend has made its way into fashion and slowly into weddings this year. We are seeing more and more neon cakes, flowers, invitations, decor, etc. because these bright colors (pink, orange, green and yellow) add a little extra flavor and pizazz. What do you think of this trend–tacky or classy? Let us know in the comments below!

C’est Magnifique!

Posted by Kim on Jul 13, 2012

Tomorrow is Bastille Day, so we thought we’d share a little French wedding inspiration to kick off your weekend. This mini inspiration board features a black, white, and pink color scheme – add some striped details, a little black bridesmaid dress, and some yummy macarons and you’ve got a wedding that’s très chic. For more black-and-white French-inspired decor, check out this fabulous photo shoot.


Bridesmaid: Photo by Carolina Studios | Bridal Bouquet: Photo by B&G Photography | Invitation Suite: Ten Lines Pica | Wedding Gown: Gown by Carolina Herrera; Photo by Dan Lecca | Macarons: Love in LA Events

So many ideas, now what?

Posted by rose on Jun 20, 2012

Whew! Hard to believe that I have officially been engaged for two months. Where did the time go? While I would like to say that I have not had my wedding planned out since I was a little girl, there are parts of my wedding that I have envisioned for a large amount of time. Red, definitely a top choice. Outside country wedding, for sure. Long, strapless vintage dress, ABSOLUTELY! Upon getting engaged, I did what most brides-to-be does, took to the internet, and that is where my confusion began.

While I had to so many ideas, it was hard for me to put them all together and sort through all of the wedding sites/pictures/ideas that are available on the web. So although I had so many ideas, how the heck does one person keep all of this wedding madness straight?