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5 Table Number Ideas We Love

Posted by Alexandra on Mar 08, 2013

Photos (clockwise from top left): 2BSquared Design, Kimberlee Miller Photography, Kaylee Eylander Photography, Jordan Quinn Photography, and Ned Jackson Photography

Table numbers may serve a practical purpose, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Having a little fun with this detail is a simple, inexpensive way to enhance your reception decor. Add a unique, personal touch with any of these fabulous table number ideas.

Spelled out: Swap numerics for letters for a simple, subtle spin. Just make sure to choose a lettering style that suits your overall motif. Convey a classic feel with fancy script or calligraphy, or go with a bright sans-serif for a playful, modern quality.

Hand painted: Paint numbers on cardstock, wood, tin, or glass to give your tablescape a lighthearted touch.

Part of the centerpiece: You don’t have to create a separate table number – just add a number to the vessel! Combine fashion and function with numbered centerpieces.

Framed: Display table numbers in photo frames that complement your wedding style. Go with a pronounced material like weathered wood or colored enamel, or choose a simple frame and mount the numbers on a fun patterned fabric.

Three-dimensional: Make a statement with freestanding numbers made from cardboard, metal or wood. Paint them to match your color scheme, cover them in fabric or natural material, leave them bare, or mix and match different styles.

How to Get (Physically) Ready for the Big Day!

Posted by morningglory on Mar 06, 2013

It’s been almost 6 months since my big day! Wow, time flies.

A ton of my friends are now planning weddings, and I am seeing all kinds of statuses on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter about getting “wedding dress ready,” and I know every bride has been there!

The first thing you think about is “I have GOT to get my arms to look good” or “Gotta get that back toned!” Well, I wanted to give a little advice. I managed to lose 30 pounds before the big day (but I actually started before MG Bear and I got engaged, not because I was getting married) and it wasn’t easy! First, I want to say that you shouldn’t want to lose weight or tone up just because you want to look good in your wedding dress. A lot of brides fall into that trap and end up gaining “marriage weight” right after the wedding, and nothing is more depressing than looking back at your wedding pictures and thinking “Gosh, I would kill someone to be that skinny again!”

Here are some of my personal tips on getting in shape to look good on your wedding day!

1. Nutrition is key! Make sure you are eating the right kind of foods. Think fruits and vegetables, avoid refined sugars and eat the good carbohydrates! Carbs are good for you if you avoid the bad ones, such as potato chips and white bread. Always remember, portion control! I count calories using MyFitnessPal, which is an effective way to see how much you are actually eating!

2. Mix your workouts with cardio and strength training. This burns the max amount of calories AND fat. Think Zumba for cardio, and a sculpt class for strength. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy like attempting to be a competitive weight lifter!

3. You can start anywhere! You don’t need to belong to a gym or even run outside. I highly recommend any Jillian Michael’s workout. I started with the 30 Day Shred (which you can get at Target, Wal-mart, Amazon, etc. for around $10), and it is effective! She uses the 3-2-1 method of 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs. Another great part is that her workouts are anywhere from 20-60 minutes, which is great if you are super busy with school, work, kids, etc. and don’t always have time for a full hour long workout!

4. Most importantly, as I mentioned above, don’t stop after the wedding! Quoting Legally Blonde here when I say “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make people happy, and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!” This is where I encourage you to laugh.

Make sure to start off slow, especially if you haven’t worked out in a long time! You don’t want to hurt yourself. When I was having a hard time motivating myself, I would be on the treadmill imagining how awesome I was going to look in that dress, and it made me push myself harder.

What keeps you motivated to get “wedding dress ready”?

Venue Choice

Posted by strawberry on Jan 23, 2013

I will admit that I had been planning our wedding (in my head) LONG before a proposal was in the works. A girl can dream, right? When it came down to thinking about where we would have the wedding there was no clear location. I am from South Carolina and SD is from Florida, but his family now lives in Georgia, and we now live in Mississippi. There was no central location for us. I never had the dream of getting married in my hometown or in a church. I knew I wanted something a bit different. So, on a vacation to Florida with his family, the subject of weddings came up, and I casually mentioned that I loved his Aunt and Uncle’s home. I thought it would be a perfect place for a small wedding. Little did I know, his Aunt would say yes right then and as soon as the ring was on the finger, the real planning began. We will be having a small family wedding in Alabama. A location central to no one in our family, so everyone will be traveling. However, I think this will be such a special place to say, “I DO” because every time we visit them, we can think back on our special day with our family and friends and just enjoy all of those memories. The home features a beautiful lake, and we will be having the ceremony on the dock! I cannot wait to share pictures of the day so you can see just how beautiful it is there!

When it comes down to picking your venue my advice would be to make sure it fits your personality and your budget. Also, make sure you feel special about the place and that you will not regret having your ceremony there one day. How did you go about picking your wedding venue?

An Alice in Wonderland-Themed Bridal Shower

Posted by sunflower on Jan 02, 2013

My bridal shower was thrown by my sister/MOH and bridesmaids.  It was a complete surprise and turned out fantastic.  They know I have a fondness for Alice in Wonderland, so all they did was class it up a little, and it turned out to be the perfect theme. My sister also set up a ton of games for us to play, including lingerie limbo. They tied new lingerie to a broomstick, and we limbo-ed! Plus, I got to keep all the goodies!  Also, that whole toilet paper dress game, I thought I’d hate it, but it turned out to be pretty amusing.  I’ve upload some photos here so you can see!

A little advice–make sure you have your guests mark off on the registry what they bought you. A few things weren’t marked off, and we got three sets of dishes! Yikes! Thankfully, it was an easy exchange. We basically have a brand new kitchen now, I’m very lucky!

Hot-Hot-Hot Favors!

Posted by morningglory on Nov 28, 2012

One of the projects my mom and I were able to do together was our favors. My parents used to have a garden and would grow peppers, tomatoes, jalapenos, etc. and every year they would make their own salsa. It got pretty popular among their friends that sometimes they would only have one jar left to themselves!

MG Bear LOVES anything spicy, so I figured why the heck not! My mom was a little leery at how big this was going to be considering we had to make enough for 130 mini jars, but after we talked about it she was beyond happy to have a project to do with me.

We had to chop the project into two days because we could only make 60-70 jars per day. We went out to the local farmer’s markets and road side stands to find the best deals, and you wouldn’t believe that the second weekend we were supposed to finish up the salsa, we couldn’t find tomatoes ANYWHERE! My dad drove around everywhere, and it had been so hot that local places didn’t have many tomatoes! He ended up finding a nursery that gave him a deal, but it ended up costing a little more than we expected to pay.

We were able to finish up the jars two weeks before the wedding, and my mom got assigned to decorating the jars. We got little printable tags made from Etsy and used twine to tie the tags onto the jars. We also put the salsa in Kerr mason jars because it was my maiden name (cute right?!?!), but that also back fired on us because we ordered the jars from Southern States thinking similar to what they looked like online that the lids would have “Kerr” written on them and they didn’t! They were plain so the only place that had the name was on the front of the jars, but they were so small that it was hard to see. We were all super bummed, but we moved on and finished up the project without any other glitches!

Here are some pictures from the whole process!

Here is the final product at the wedding!

Everyone LOVED the favors and some people didn’t even wait until they got home to eat the salsa! We got so many compliments, which made the hard work worth it.