“Cash” Wedding Registry

Posted by bridalbuds on Feb 21, 2011

Let’s face it, times have changed.  A lot of couples live with each other now and already have collected much of their home furnishings or more.   More recently, I’ve seen couples do honeymoon registries in lue of a regular one.  On the other hand, some couples would rather just get a nice hefty check to help pay off the wedding bills!  So…how do you ask your guests for a “cash” gift instead of a regular gift?  Well guess what?  You can avoid that ackward situation!

Recently, I’ve been doing some research on where to do my wedding registry at.  I’ve been looking for places where they can give you cash back when you return something (in case you change your mind) and websites where there are no fees.  I’ve  gotten a lot of information from newlyweds and reviews on different places to register for your wedding.
Here’s what I found…

Website Registry:
Honey Fund– Not only do they have a honeymoon registry, but you can do ANYTHING.  From registering for some dishes to making a charity donation registry.  They have everything.   It’s basically a “cash” registry that guests can go through.  The best part of it is that there are no extra fees that you have to pay for every purchase a guest makes!   Here’s a sample of how it works:  Sample

Bed, Bath, and Beyond: If someone purchases a gift from your Bed, Bath, and Beyond registry, but you have decided that you have no use for it…you’re in luck!  BBB will give you cash back if you return the item.  ***On the side note…just make sure that your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond does this.  I heard some of them don’t!  =(***


Any other suggestions?