Cake Displays

Posted by lauer on May 02, 2011

A fun trend we’ve noticed over the past few years is the disappearance of the wedding cake!  Don’t worry, though.  Cake at weddings isn’t going anywhere.  Instead of a traditional tiered wedding cake, we’re seeing more and more cake displays!

Here’s a fun cake table from Kelly & Jason’s wedding in Alexandria, VA:

(photo by Heather Z Photography)

The advantage to a cake display is that you can mix and match a bunch of different types of cake.  You want cheesecake, ice cream cake, and black forest cake?  Not a problem!

Here’s another example from Anna & Mike’s wedding in Washington, DC:

(photo by Elaine Studley Photography)

You can even get creative with the decoration!  How about these fun photo cakes at Nicole & Carl’s wedding in Ellicott City, MD:

(photo by Nat Wongsaroj)

At Nicole & Matt’s wedding in Vienna, VA, they chose to use mini cakes as centerpieces instead of flowers.  Then after dinner, each table sliced their own cake.  The surprise?  Each cake was a little different, so guests mingled around to other tables to sneak a taste:

(photo by Jimmy Ryan Photography)

Half the fun of a cake buffet is the aftermath.  Oh the horror!!

(photo by Heather Z Photography)

What do you think?  Would you be willing to skip having a traditional wedding cake?