Posted by rose on Jul 02, 2012

I feel as though I have been dreaming of my wedding for quite some time and these past two months I have taken to the web, bridal magazines, and forwarded ideas from friends/family to find ideas for my wedding. This past weekend I toured my first wedding venue. Mr. Rosebud and I have discussed wanting to have something outdoors but also want options in case it should rain, which if any of you have ever been to the state of Oregon or call it home, that is a definite possibility with the unreliable weather we have.

After touring the venue and sitting down with the owner of the facility, we started looking over numbers. Granted, this was the first venue we toured and we have not chosen one at this time. The numbers were a bit alarming! I hadn’t even considered all of the unexpected costs that were brought up. Are we wanting to rent linens? Who are we using for flowers? China? Cleaning deposit? All of these things were not even on my mind when I planned to tour this venue or any other as I still have 1 year 1 month and 23 days until my big day. But who’s counting right?

Mr. Rosebud and I left with very different opinions. I loved the facility and want to find some way to make it fit into our budget or work extra if needed to cover the additional costs. Mr. Rosebud wants to tour some cheaper venues and try to do things ourselves, which normally comes down to me working on it.

Sitting down last night after an overwhelming weekend, we decided to make up a budget for our wedding and consider all of the costs that would come with our special day.

Venue: what are our options and what do they include?

Flowers: Can I purchase the flowers and put them in the mason jars myself?

Catering: My parents have agreed to this, but what does the venue offer for set up/clean up/serving area?

Cleanup: Honestly, how much is my family/Mr. Rosebud and I going to want to do after our wedding is over?

Linens: This is not something that I even considered but can be expensive whether doing ourselves or renting from them, but along with cleaning, do I really want to deal with this after our wedding?

This is not even the tip of the iceberg, but you get the picture. By having a budget in place of what we are prepared to pay for certain items or a total package allows us to look at overall venue prices and packages. Our first venue is not out of the question, as the price included many items but we are still going to check out some other places to make sure we are getting the most out of our budget.