Bridal Shower Games for the Anti-Brides

Posted by bridalbuds on Mar 21, 2009


My Maid of Honor Jennifer called me the other day to talk about my California Bridal Shower. It was really great hearing that she had been reading my blog to get a better idea of the wedding through what I had been writing!

She knew my rules about the shower. No cheesey games, no major color scheme, make it short (about 2 hours), and I don’t want to be the center of attention (even though that is going to be hard to do since I’m the bride). Knowing all that, she really did a great job in taking those things into consideration.

She also convinced me of some cute games to do that weren’t very common at bridal showers:

  • while the bride is opening gifts, set a timer and when the timer goes off, the person whose gift she is opening wins a prize.
  • a word scramble of wedding details like date, times, location, last name, theme, honeymoon location etc.
  • the guests write their addresses on Thank You card envelopes and I draw a few and they win prizes.
  • guests write their favorite memory of the bride on a note card and she reads them aloud and guesses who wrote each one. Or just keeps them (that’s more my style).

All of these games are perfect, because they can all be done while I am opening presents. Then all the attention won’t be on me!

What are some of your favorite or not so favorite Bridal Shower Games?