Bridal Shower Games

Posted by MeganH on Mar 13, 2009

For all the bridesmaids out there who have been charged with planning a bridal shower, this post is for you!

To be cheesy or not to be cheesy, that is the question. There is a fine line between super cheesy games and fun activites and depending on your guests, it’s up to you to determine which side of the line you will be on! Bridal Shower Games has some cute ideas if you choose the game route.

I also read a great post on Bridal Party Blog today offering a few alternative ideas like,

Plant the Kiss on the Hunk. Actually, to be specific, it’s plant the kiss on the poster of the (naked?) hunk. This game was definitely entertaining the last time I played it. This game is especially appropriate for a young group. It’s perfect if the bride has a celebrity crush that’s well known to the attendees (LL Cool J would be mine, for instance). There are other options for mixed audiences and special circumstances, though.

Alternate play: When the guest list is mostly composed of aunts and grandmothers, make sure the hunk is clothed. And if the bride’s fiancé is likely to catch a glimpse of the damage—try getting a poster of Lance Bass, Screech Powers/Dustin Diamond, or a similarly nonthreatening male.

Whatever you choose, have fun!