This time of year is the perfect time to introduce berry, twigs and vines into your centerpieces and bouquets. One of my favorite elements is a brown twig called angel vine. It is very easy to use and can be pulled through centerpieces or wrapped around the collar of a bouquet. We used angel vine to collar this bouquet. We love the loose, airy feel. It also is a great accent if your colors include chocolate brown.

Angel vine used to wrap a bouquet.

twigs and berries for bouquets and centerpieces

centerpiece with hypericum and berry and angel vine.

In this centerpiece you can see where we used touches of the angel vine. We also used red hypericum berry and seeded eucalyptus berry. All of these textures really bring a different look to a piece. The look becomes far more stark and contemporary when these little details are  removed from the designs. Using vines of bittersweet, honeysuckle, angel vine and even swirling tips of willow is an awesome way to bring a twiggy look into your pieces. I also love an element called Zigzag wattle, which actually is an Australian native.

centerpiece with zigzag wattle

zigzag wattle in a bouquet

The zigzag wattle is so thin and dainty that it can be pulled through the bouquet without being overwhelming or bulky. This bouquet also features another Australian favorite of mine called brazilia berry. This berry is a lovely bright green. It comes in this dainty size and also a larger version. It is an incredible addition to any design. Other berries we love include are rose hip, hypericum (which comes in many different shades), bittersweet, privet berry, juniper berry,winter berry, snowberry and nandina. Believe it or not I don’t like holly berry because it drops and falls to easily from the design.