And the Grandmas Wore Pink?

Posted by lilac on Apr 14, 2011

Dress shopping is a really big thing for everyone involved in the wedding except me right now. All of the other ladies related to my wedding are freaking out about finding the right dresses. Of course, I have been consulted as to the formality and color scheme, etc…

My mother changed her mind about her original dress and opted for a still very cost effective floor length gold dress with a jacket. It looks lovely on her and was on a super sale for $30… did I mention that we’re bargain shoppers?

Lilac Dude’s mom has a beautiful blue back-up dress in case she doesn’t find something that she loves for our wedding.

His grandmothers have both decided to wear pink. This confuses me because our colors are pistachio green and baby blue (they do look better together than that sounds!). I’ve said all along that I don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable or feel like they look stupid, so although pink confuses me, I’ll roll with it.

Ursula of Switzerland dress in pink {Image from Ursula of Switzerland}

I think though, if it hadn’t been crazy, I might have requested on the invitations that all wedding guests wear green. There might have been a mutiny though if I did that.

Has anyone else encountered confusing attire choices when it comes to their weddings?