Add some friends and you have a party!

Posted by lilac on Jan 17, 2012

Everything from deciding on a wedding party to what they would wear to Lilac Dude finally asking his best man was a bit stressful. Please note that our friends do not stress us out, we just had some interesting choices to make.

My bridesmaids were originally to be: my sister, my sister-in-law, my good friend from high school and my good friend/roommate from college.

That didn’t happen…. more accurately most of it happened.

If you noticed, there are only three ladies dressed in green instead of the four I had planned on. To make an extremely long and somewhat painful story short: my sister removed herself from my bridal party.

I didn’t want anyone else as a bridesmaid, nor did I have time to ask someone new so I had three bridesmaids and Lilac Dude had four groomsmen. As much as we wanted even numbers with us at the alter, we weren’t going to ask one of the men to step down or scramble to find another bridesmaid who might fit into my sister’s dress. So we were” hip and trendy” with an odd number of attendants.

It didn’t look strange at all. But there was one minor issue… When the party recessed down the aisle we had an extra man. But my college roommate jumped right in with a solution:

And so that worked out well and got a lot of laughs.

Overall, I’m happy with how things worked out with our wedding party. My now brother-in-law gladly accepted the honor of being the best man and my bridesmaids were such a force leading up to and on our wedding day that not having my sister in the wedding didn’t become a disaster.

We had some fantastic people behind the scenes before, during and after our wedding.

And for some encore silly pictures:

What about your wedding party? How did you pick them?

(All photos by Chatman Photography)