By: Sarah Zlotnick 


Photo: Carretto Studio

Sure, some seem pretty silly. But better safe than sorry, right?

1.  Rain on Your Wedding Day Means Good Luck

Yes, it will smear your makeup. And totally ruin your updo. But more optimistic old wive’s tales say that a rainy wedding day can symbolize fertility, a fresh start, and the last tears a bride will cry—all necessary components of a long, healthy marriage.

2. So Does Finding a Spider in Your Dress

We know, we know—ick! But English superstition says the creepy crawlers are a good omen.

3. Get Carried Over the Threshold

Be it a honeymoon suite, your new home, or the apartment you’ve shared for years, have your spouse pick you up before you officially enter as a married couple—this ancient tradition supposedly protects from evil spirits “down below.”

4. Pick Any Day OTHER Than Saturday to Get Hitched

It goes against everyone’s everyone’s schedule, but English tradition dictates that this is the unluckiest day of the week for a wedding. At least you’ll save a bunch on venue fees.

5. Say Yes to the….Veil

Many modern day brides wrinkle their noses at the idea of being covered up during their walk down the aisle, but Romans believed veils protected the bride from evil spirits who might be jealous of her nuptials. And ain’t nobody got time for haters.

6. Pay Attention to Your Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue

This Victorian tradition supposedly brings luck to the bride by covering all her bases. The “something old” keeps the newlyweds connected to their past, the “something new” represents the new union of their marriage,  the “something borrowed” is for the love and support of their community, and the something blue is an Israeli symbol of promise and constancy. Lesser known fact: the rhyme actually ends with “and a sixpence in her shoe,” which is supposed to bring fortune to the couple.

7. Avoid Nuns, Priests, and Funeral Processions

Crossing any of the above on your way to the cereremony will supposedly lead to a life of poverty and early death (#rough). But, in the opposite vein, encounter a rainbow, black cat, a policeman, or even a frog and good luck is yours for the taking (#random).

8. Pick a First Dance Song with “Luck” in the Title

OK, we admittedly made this last one one up. But couldn’t hurt, right? Especially because “Beginner’s Luck” by The Eels is such a rad wedding song.