A Whole New Spectrum of Possiblities!

Posted by cotton on Mar 04, 2013

I prefer a modern, minimalist look. It’s not a party until all the colors join in! I’m very attached to my favorite color(s), but just not the whole spectrum. The #1 thing I’ve learned as a bride thus far: being open to change is key.

For most of my life when I thought forward to my wedding day, I imagined a day bathed in rich blue tones. Blue being my favorite color in the world. However, recently due to a minor snafu picking out bridesmaids’ dresses, I hatched a new color scheme for the “Cotton Big Day”–rainbow. Now, I know it might be sound silly, perhaps a little juvenile, but I’m more excited about this development in the planning than I was with my original plans.

Despite my excitement, I was a tad scared to see what Mr. Cotton would say about this change; I didn’t know if it would impose a threat to his masculinity. I was pleasantly surprised. He told me that it seemed more fitting for us as a couple, and that rather than restricting our color pallette, we should “embrace the whole spectrum of possibilites”. (Did I mention he was a keeper?)

Since we are getting married in a garden, I feel that having each of my bridesmaids in a different color will pay homage to all the different flowers in the garden. Also, in addressing my fear of seeming juvenile, I reminded myself that Mr. Cotton and I are on the younger side of engaged couples, and there is nothing wrong about celebrating the youth in which we found our love. With any luck, our love will keep us young forever.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate my inspiration for our new theme:

What do you think? Would you ever consider using more than a couple of colors for your wedding?