A “Waste Not” Wedding

Posted by kharrison on Jun 27, 2011

One of the key aspects of any green wedding is leaving behind as little waste as possible. Real Green Wedding couple, Jill and Randy Ybarra, were married at an eco-friendly ceremony in Wardsville, Missouri with a “waste not” policy. Through the use of multi-purpose and reusable items, the couple had an elegant wedding with little environmental impact. Here are 3 ways to have your own waste not wedding.

Living Centerpieces – Jill and Randy used beautiful potted plants as table centerpieces. Guests were then invited to take the centerpieces home to plant in their own gardens.

Reusable Napkins – Cloth napkins took the place of paper napkins. Not only did the napkins add color to the table top decor, but they could be washed and reused rather than just thrown in the trash. Jill used the extra cloth fabric to create pillows for her home.

Recycled Decor – The couple chose to use recycled wine bottle filled with re-purposed white string lights to decorate the venue. By using recycled items, Jill and Randy saved both money and resources.