A Little Dab’ll Do Ya…

Posted by jnorrie on Apr 01, 2010

Every Bride will shed a tear or two on her wedding day- it is an unavoidable fact of being female (and I, for one, wouldn’t change that for anything).  Here are a few quick tips to ensure your Bridal Makeup stays exactly where you put it.

This bride runs the risk of ruining her makeup not by crying, but by using her finger instead of a tissue.

This bride runs the risk of ruining her makeup not by crying, but by using her finger instead of a tissue.

To avoid disturbing your makeup when the inevitable appears, wrap a tissue around your middle finger (this finger will apply the least amount of pressure and has the longest reach) and dab at your tear duct (located in the inner corner of the lower lid near the nose) to capture any liquid.  If a tear does spill over, don’t wipe – simply blot the wet area with a dry tissue and let the makeup reset.  Many brides keep handkerchiefs with them to capture the tears, but Kleenex works much better; Kleenex soaks up the wetness faster than the cotton fibers of the hanky reducing the need to wipe.  If you use your finger alone, it has no capacity to soak up liquid and therfor will smear your makeup as you press in to lift the tear away.

Happy Tears make a happy bride

Happy Tears make a happy bride. photo credit: Erin Curan

Waterproof mascara.  Need I say more?  In my makeup kit you will find that old standby in the pink and black tube – Great Lash Mascara.  What can I say?  Its inexpensive and works like a charm on any bride.

Gel liner is great for holding up during a wedding with out smudging but is a bit harsh for the lower lid.  For the lower lash line I recommend using a powder liner that will stay in place as you blot a tear.  Most eyeshadows when wet will make a fabulous liner.  I am a fan of Make Up For Ever

Another great tip is to skip mascara and eyeliner all together!  How can that be done and still have amazing eyes in photos you ask?  Falsies, baby!  You can use traditional strip lashes for a full lush effect or individual clusters you place between your own lashes for a barely there makeup look or you can walk on the wild side and try out the new techniques for permanent extensions (well, as permanent as 4-6 weeks that is) that allow you to go bare and still create drama and focus on your eyes.

Don’t worry about a few spilt tears, remember they are Happy Tears (if they aren’t you better rethink what you are doing…).  Happy Tears are on of life’s true blessings.

Do you know any tricks you’d like to mention?  Leave a comment – I’d love to hear it!

Jacki Norrie