A Guy’s Guide to Stationery

Posted by acursaro on Jul 06, 2009

More and more often I have seen the groom become the one responsible for ordering wedding stationery. Whether it is because the groom is simply the more artistic one of the two or the bride just doesn’t have the time or capacity to plan as bride’s once did, a groom being in charge of the stationery doesn’t have to be scary or troublesome. As a groom, here are a few basic things to keep in mind when ordering stationery:

1. Be sure to confirm the EXACT colors with your bride – ivory and white are not the same, just as teal and aqua are not equivalents. Ask your girl to provide color samples, your vendor will also appreciate it.

2. Do some research before you meet with your stationer. Know that a complete invitation suite isn’t just made up of one piece of paper – you have an invitation, reception card, RSVP with envelope, inner and outer envelopes in a complete suite. Speak with your bride beforehand about things the two of you are drawn to or absolutely do not want.

3. Remember, as with anything, you get what you pay for. A full invitation suite for $0.25 a piece might sound like a good idea, but when it arrives printed on flimsy paper with fuzzy writing you’ll regret your decision. Keep your wedding in mind when ordering invitations – if you’re having a black tie affair complete with a photo booth and fireworks, your invitations should reflect that.

4. You do not need to order an invitation for each guest – remember that most guests come in pairs of at least two. Organize yourself from the beginning with an Excel spreadsheet or Wedding Wire’s Guest List Manager (Richard discussed this in depth the other day here). This will let you know easily how many invitations you will need. Always be sure to order extras though – keep in mind guests that you may have forgotten and keepsakes for the bride and mothers.

5. When in doubt, bring along your bride’s maid of honor or sister – you probably had help picking out the ring so why not ask for help in picking out the invitations.

* Groom Image by Brandy J Photography, Pantone Color Chart Photo from Lynx