7 Creative Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Items to Carry

Posted by Caitlin on Jan 31, 2013

Even though having a flower girl or ring bearer is optional, including one of your favorite little ones is always a nice way to make them feel a part of your special day. Traditionally, their main job was to make it down the aisle, scatter floral petals or carry the rings on a pillow, but nowadays, brides are thinking beyond the petals and the pillows and letting them make their own grand entrance. Depending on your theme, here are seven alternative items your flower girl or ring bearer could carry (or walk) down the aisle with:

1. Bird’s Nest 

Perfect for any garden wedding, have you flower girl carry the rings in an artificial bird’s nest.

Photo: Live View Studios

2. Lollipops

It’s all about the three P’s: practice, praise and presents. What better way to bribe your ring bearer down the aisle than with lollipops.

Photo: Amy + Stuart Photography

3. “Here Comes the Bride” Sign 

Sure, your guests know you’ll be walking down the aisle after your flower girls, but let them announce it by carrying this “here comes the bride” sign.

Photo: Artisan Events

4. Book

Afraid your ring bearer will drop your most prized possessions? Then secure them inside a secret compartment in one of your favorite books. It’ll be easier for their little hands to clasp compared to a fluffy pillow.

Photo: Smitten Photography

5. Ribbon Wand

Looking for a DIY project? Let your flower girls create their own ribbon wand.

Photo: Yvette Roman Photography

6. Chalkboard Sign

Having a wedding on a budget? Let your ring bearer carry a chalkboard sign with their own personal message to the groom.

Photo: Hello Studios

7. Pet

Tie the rings to your furry friend’s collar and give the responsibility to either your flower girl or ring bearer to walk him/her down the aisle.

Photo: KT Merry Photography