1950’s Themed Wedding: ft.The Meadow Wood Manor

Posted by aruchaevsky on Nov 28, 2012

As couples search far and wide for new wedding ideas, many do not need to look far. You can borrow an idea that already has been used and put your own personal twist on it.

A 1950’s theme wedding is not a brand new idea. However, I cannot say that any one of them has ever been the same with the exception of a juke box and sundae bar–two must-haves for this type of theme.

In addition to putting your own twist on your theme, you must work with your venue so that it is capable of accommodating your themed-wedding request.

The Meadow Wood Manor is a location that can accommodate your themed-wedding requests and more. With only one wedding at a time, the Meadow Wood Manor staff can pay specific and undivided attention to each wedding.

With private bridal suites, this beautifully appointed, colonial mansion will play host to your very own wedding ball or “swingin 1950’s bash.”

A mix of old and new, the Meadow Wood Manor took guests back to a simple time when hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and a shake made a meal. For those looking for something a bit more sophisticated, the Meadow Wood Manor will captivate your pallet with a variety of culinary innovation.

Topped off with a Chocolate fountain and indulgence of the present, this 1950’s themed-wedding was a great success for both guests and our feature couple.

We want to thank the Meadow Wood Manor for playing host to this incredible wedding and Amanda and Sean for the opportunity to capture such a unique wedding.

Photography: Michelle M. (Abacus Wedding Studios)
Video: Damian C. (Abacus Wedding Studios)