pink watercolor invitation

Photo: Kleinfeld Paper

Your wedding invitation will be the first glimpse of your wedding your guests will see. It’s important to choose an invite that complements your wedding’s theme, and most importantly the formality of the celebration. Looking to the new wedding invitation trends can help you find a style that’s right for you.

Funky Calligraphy

The popularity of handwritten fonts has soared in the last few years, and now they’re getting bold with larger lettering that is less tailored than classic calligraphy. Funky Names, by Phrosne Ras and available on Minted, is an example of how designers mix fonts: a large handwritten typeface for the couple’s names paired with a clean, sans serif font.

Dark & Metallic

Metallic shades are very popular in wedding details, with muted shades of copper and rose gold popping up on tablescapes, bridesmaid dresses and even wedding cakes—and it’s one of the hottest wedding invitation trends as well. For your wedding invitation, you can include a metallic color and ensure that it pops off the page by setting it on a dark paper, such as black or navy. Bella Figura’s Eve wedding invitation suite (below) features hand calligraphy in copper foil by Virginia Lucas Hart on black paper. The reverse side of the invite has a black and copper hexagon pattern.

black and gold wedding invitation

Photo: Bella Figura


One of the most popular home décor trends now, marble can be seen everywhere from tabletop and china patterns to iPhone cases and stationery—and it’s also one of the top wedding invitation trends for 2018! Couples looking for a modern wedding invitation design should opt for a style in classic white, grey and black, or pick a more colorful marble swirl that reflects the wedding’s color palette, venue and location. The Lustrous design by Kaydi Bishop (below), available at Minted, mixes a marble pattern with gold foil. In addition to classic gray, it’s also available in evergreen, taupe, dusty rose, blue slate and orchid too, so you can easily find a shade that complements your palette.


The soft and elegant look of watercolors can be quite romantic, making it an ideal look for a wedding invitation suite and one of the styles of wedding invitations 2018 couples will love. Stationery designers can use any paper and ink combination to get the desired effect and the design can be simply or detailed, depending on the wedding’s overall look and feel and formality. Kleinfeld Paper’s Brushstroke invitation suite (top photo) includes a pink watercolor design that is soft and romantic, but glams it up by using gold foil for all the wording and a glittery envelope liner. For a more elaborate example of the watercolor wedding invitation trend, the Delft Suite from the William Arthur Studio Collection, features an elaborate “painting” that incorporates the couples monogram and various traditional patterns.

marble wedding invitation minted

Photo: Minted

Heralded Crests

Monograms have been a traditional wedding décor element on a myriad of details from wedding cakes to cocktail napkins to stationery. But instead of the classic block or scripted lettering, stationery designers are adding a bit of whimsy to a couple’s monogram by surrounding the letter(s) with a range of graphics from florals to regal crests. And the look can work for both a traditional wedding, as well as a more modern celebration. Take these two designs, for example. Smitten on Paper’s Sweet Summer Wedding Invitation mixes cans serif and scripted lettering to create a three-letter monogram, and centers it in a romantic wreath of blooms. For a bolder example, Love Lore by Lark + Raven’s design, Havisham, features an oversized first initial of the couple’s last name and surrounds it with lush greenery and tropical blooms.

Geometric & Calligraphy

Mixing contemporary design with traditional elements can be the happy medium that a couple is looking for—and is one of the latest wedding invitation trends. The straight lines offer modernity juxtaposed against the classic calligraphy often associated with weddings. Katie Fischer Design’s Modern Marble Suite adds marble imagery to the top and bottom, and is available in white for a crisp, clean look and ivory for a softer, romantic vibe. In this custom Ceci New York Disco Ball Romance suite (below), the invite has a unique geometric shape, centered in a geo frame, and the pattern of a disco ball—small metallic squares—adds some flair to the mix.

Welcome Gift Packaging

While this is not one of the wedding invitation trends, it falls in the paper family. Even if you’re not planning a destination wedding you probably have some guests traveling to your wedding. A guest room or welcome gift, is something that you’ll probably want to leave at the front desk for them, but why settle for a cardboard box of solid colored bag? Distinct Packaging is now offering a custom online service where you can create a box that matches the look and feel of your wedding with your wedding’s color, theme, logo, names, wedding date, and anything else you can think of! There are a wide variety of sizes to choose from, so if you’re putting in one item and a note or several fun things for your guests to enjoy, you can find the right one to complement your wedding’s palette, theme and work within your budget. Pricing starts at $2.20 a box, with no minimum quantity required.

ceci new york silver invitation

Photo: Ceci New York