Wedding invitation suite with floral design
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Every aspect of your wedding should reflect who you are as a couple, including your stationery. Your save-the-dates and invitations set the tone for the whole event and give guests a preview of what to expect at your nuptials. To help you pick the perfect suite, we rounded up 14 of our favorite 2021 wedding invitation trends. The curated report includes colors and materials to keep an eye out for as well as brand new etiquette and creative wording ideas.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, stationery is more important than ever in the planning process. Change-the-date cards and online components are gaining popularity due to the increased need for them. However, despite the changing plans, couples are still working to make their wedding an intimate, personalized event that's authentic to their love story—and stationery plays a key role in that. Look for couples to include bold colors, clever jokes and custom illustrations in the upcoming year. 

See the new trends in wedding invitations that'll be everywhere in 2021, below.

2021 wedding invitation trends illustration
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Engagement illustrations for save-the-dates

According to the Etsy team, there's been a surge in searches around the term "engagement illustrations." While save-the-dates typically include an actual picture of the couple, this new trend involves couples ordering custom illustrations of themselves. Not only is it an extra-personal spin on traditional stationery, it's a unique touch that will stand out on your guests' fridges. Order an engagement illustration of you and your partner, your wedding venue, or even your pet.

How to pull it off:

There are many different ways to order an engagement illustration. Head over to the Vendor Directory to collaborate with professional stationers, or check out online retailers like Etsy.

2021 wedding invitation trends custom
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Stationery personalized to your love story

Typically, stationery was only used as a way to formally communicate the details of your wedding with your guests. However, couples today are personalizing every aspect of their weddings, and stationery is no exception. In addition to relaying logical details about the event, stationery is becoming a way to showcase who you, the couple, are to your guests. To-be-weds are investing in small, meaningful details (like colors, designs and language) to help their guests understand their love story. 

This trend is becoming even more popular in light of the smaller, more intimate COVID weddings happening, according to Lisa Zachery of Papered Wonders, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. "As intimate weddings remain popular, couples are looking to bring their personality and character into the design," she says. "Unique and luxurious wedding invitations will remain on the upward trend."

How to pull it off:

Brainstorm small, meaningful details with your partner. What's your favorite date-night activity, song or place in the world? Where did the proposal go down? What's the name of your beloved pet? All of these details can be incorporated into the design of your wedding stationery. Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events in Brooklyn, New York says he worked with a bride who loved pizza, so they worked to incorporate the late-night snack into her wedding invites for a fun, personal touch.

2021 wedding invitation trends
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Casual wording on save-the-dates and invitations

Your wedding is all about celebrating your unique love story, not about sticking to outdated traditions. More couples are throwing away the rule book and creating their own traditions based on what's important to them. Rather than hosting a super formal wedding, couples are planning laid-back, ultra-personalized events—and their stationery reflects that. To-be-weds are swapping out ultra-formal, old-school language for light-hearted verbiage (think: cheeky jokes or witty puns). By doing so, they're showcasing their personalities and prepping guests for the festivities.

How to pull it off:

Check out our comprehensive guide on wedding invitation wording, but don't stop there. Look at retailers like Minted, Etsy, Zazzle and Papier, which offer humorous wording options for save-the-dates and wedding invitations.

2021 wedding invitation trends color
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Maximalist color and designs

According to Meyer, more couples are moving away from typical stationery designs and towards bold, colorful suites. "Gone are the days bright-white, double-thick, gold-foil letterpress," he says. "Couples are having more fun with colors—be it one color and various tones, or just using more colors than before." Expect to see bold, bright hues everywhere in 2021.

How to pull it off:

Ditch the idea that you need to stick with white paper and black text. Consider what colors you'll be using at your wedding and tie them into your stationery. If you're planning a dark and moody celebration, look into bold hues like black, burgundy, eggplant, emerald or navy blue. Or, if you're planning a light, bright wedding, use neon colors on your invites. Work with a professional stationer or search for specific colors on sites like Minted, Etsy, Artifact Uprising and Zazzle.

2021 wedding invitation trends minimalism

Minimalist suites

While stationery is trending bold and bright, there's another approach on the rise. Minimalism is a major 2021 wedding invitation trend, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic. As couples continue to postpone their wedding or reimagine their plans into smaller, more intimate gatherings, minimalist designs are becoming more popular. Because there is so much information to communicate, a simple, clean aesthetic allows couples to communicate the new information clearly.

How to pull it off:

You know what minimal designs typically look like: white paper with spaced-out black text. However, you can still put your own spin on this trending aesthetic. Play with different fonts, colors and designs for a personal touch. Or, flip the text so it's on its side for an unexpected detail. Collaborate with a professional stationer or find the right design online (Minted, Etsy, Artifact Uprising and Zazzle all have numerous options for you to choose from).

2021 wedding invitation trends inclusive etiquette
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Inclusive etiquette

Wedding stationery has been around for a very long time, and many of the traditions around invitations are outdated and exclusionary. For example, traditional etiquette states that a married couple should be addressed with the same last name. It also states that the two options for titles are "Mr." and "Mrs." However, that's simply not the case. Many people choose to keep their own last name, and some people identify with the gender-neutral title "Mx." As such, many couples are asking guests for their last names and titles when they collect addresses. That way, they're able to respect their guests and make them feel welcome at the wedding. This inclusivity isn't just a trend for 2021—it's a change that we're going to see from now on.

How to pull it off:

As mentioned above, collect all the information you need when you're requesting addresses. Ask for guests' last names and titles so you have all the information you need when it comes time to send out your save-the-dates and invitations. Another idea is to skip using titles altogether if you feel comfortable doing so.

2021 wedding invitation trends eco friendly

Eco-friendly stationery

More couples are consciously planning their nuptials with the impact on the environment in mind. Unfortunately, weddings can produce a sizable amount of waste, and today's couple are working to minimize their carbon footprint as they exchange vows. One major way to do that is to be thoughtful about the paper you're using. Traditional materials like cardstock are being replaced by more sustainable options like post-consumer recycled paper, seed-infused paper and plant-based paper. 

How to pull it off:

Minted offers pages of designs that can be printed on post-consumer recycled paper, while Etsy has loads of seed-infused paper options. You can also purchase plant-based paper and have them printed at a studio. Couples can also opt for paperless options, whether that's sending out everything online or making one item in the suite online.

2021 wedding invitation trends change the date
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So many couples have had to postpone their original plans in light of COVID-19. As a result, stationery has become instrumental in relaying new information to guests everywhere. The increase in change in plans have actually created a new piece of stationery that is (and will continue to be) everywhere: change-the-date cards. A change-the-date is similar to a save-the-date, in that it communicates the date, time and location of the event. It alerts guests that plans have changed and to adjust their schedule accordingly. As the world works to return back to safety, change-the-dates will continue to help couples plan their weddings.

How to pull it off:

As the demand for change-the-dates has increased, there are options everywhere. Check out retailers like Minted, Etsy, Artifact Uprising, Zazzle, Papier and more to find a change-the-date that you like. Whether it's a sentimental note or a light-hearted phrase, there's a change-the-date for every kind of couple and celebration.

2021 wedding invitation trends websites

Complete coordination

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many couples have had to change their original plans. Because of this, a new emphasis on digital items (like the wedding website and online guest list) is beginning to emerge. To make sure that everything flows smoothly, couples are taking the time to match their wedding websites to their stationery suites so that it feels like a cohesive, chic experience for guests.

How to pull it off:

Build your wedding website on WeddingWire and choose from many different designs that will match your stationery suite's colors, pattern or vibe to a T. You can also purchase wedding website templates off of sites like Minted and Etsy.

2021 wedding invitation trends pressed flowers
Pretty Party Pleasers

Pressed flowers

Calling all to-be-weds who are nature-obsessed: this 2021 wedding invitation trend is for you. According to Meyer, pressed flowers are having a moment in stationery suites. More and more couples will incorporate gorgeous natural details into their save-the-dates and invitations next year. It's a pretty, unique way to showcase your personality.

How to pull it off:

This trend requires a professional touch, so seek out a wedding stationer on our Vendor Directory or check out Etsy for options.

2021 wedding invitation trends retro colors
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Retro and warm

Talk about a blast from the past. Vintage colors (think '70s aesthetic) are about to be everywhere, according to Brett Galley of Hollywood POP in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Hues like cream, burnt orange, dusty rose, sage green are going to have a major moment in wedding stationery next year. The celebrity event designer says that these colors evoke a warmth that will welcome guests and make them feel at ease.

How to pull it off:

Work with your wedding stationer to create the perfect mix of these trending hues, or shop around online to find a design that you love. Retailers like Minted, Etsy and Papier are already on top of the trend and offer several different designs.

2021 wedding invitation trends 3D materials
Josie Fay Leather

Three-dimensional textures

Stationery is quickly becoming a large part of the guest experience. Couples are using their save-the-dates and invitations as a way to get them excited for the event, and Zachery says three-dimensional textures are on the rise as a result. She says acrylic, suede and leather will continue to gain popularity. When mixed together, these different textures create a three-dimensional work, which she says is out of this world.

How to pull it off:

Tap a professional stationer to pull off this creative 2021 wedding invitation trend. They'll be able to bring your vision to life flawlessly. Another option is to shop three-dimensional wedding invites on Etsy. They offer several options for to-be-weds. 

wedding invitation trends 2021 aqua
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Aqua-colored suites

Bukky Garcia, owner of Exquisite Events and Floral Design in Chicago, Illinois, tells WeddingWire that there's one color in particular that's going to steal the show in 2021: Aqua.  The reason for the surge in popularity? It's the Pantone color of the year for 2021. "Aqua is a versatile color that can be combined with almost any color," she adds. "I am excited to see how many [couples] play with the color and how they mix it up with either gold or silver." She also predicts that couples will play with marble patterns to get a pretty aqua-colored gradient.

How to pull it off:

Keep an eye out for this trending hue online at retailers like Minted, Etsy, Zazzle and Papier. We suspect more and more options will. begin popping up as the new year approaches.

2021 wedding invitation trends flat lay
Michelle Ramirez Photography

Intricate flat lays

If you're building out your wedding album shot list, make sure you add the flat lay. A flat lay is a picture typically shot from above that showcases all of your wedding stationery and other small details. This customary picture is rising in popularity, and couples are beginning to get more creative with it. Usually, rings (or ring alternatives) are featured along with shoes, jewelry of family momentos. However, feel free to get creative with it. Include a map of your venue, a container from your reception's food truck or your written vows.

How to pull it off:

Think about all of the meaningful small details you'd like to include in the picture, and work with a professional photographer to bring the vision to life. The result will be a colorful, detailed and memorable picture you'll love looking at down the line.