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Many wedding planning tasks require a lot of mental and physical energy, from touring venues to having the budget talk, creating your guest list, interviewing vendors, and more. Sometimes you just want to crash on the couch and turn on Netflix—but maybe still be productive and check a few tasks off your list. Turns out there are lots of simple wedding planning tasks you can do while cozied up under a blanket, sipping a glass of wine/tea/beverage of choice, and watching your favorite show. Of course, we still recommend taking real breaks every once in a while, but it’s nice to tackle your checklist in a low-key way.

These simple wedding planning tasks combine being totally productive with chilling on your couch. And—bonus—many of these tasks can be done right from your phone.

Browse wedding inspiration.

One of the first things you’ll do to plan your big day is choose a décor style and color scheme. Will you event be rustic, glam, modern, classic, or something else? Once you’ve decided on a wedding style, you can browse the Internet and social media, saving photos that will inspire you and your vendors to create an event that feels personal and unique. Browsing and saving photos on Pinterest, Instagram, and wedding sites like WeddingWire is a simple wedding planning task that can be easily completed on a cozy Friday night.

Read vendor reviews.

Hiring wedding vendors is an essential step—these are the people who will turn your vision into reality. One of the best ways to learn more about local wedding vendors is by reading reviews from recently-married couples who used their services. On sites like WeddingWire, you can read reviews and save vendors who you may be interested in contacting later on—an easy, yet super-important task!

Add gifts to your registry.  

When first creating your wedding registry (whether online or in person), we recommend giving it your full attention. However, you’ll need to check on your registry every so often to see what’s been purchased, if you have enough gifts left, and add new gifts you might need or want. Revisiting your wedding registry is a simple wedding planning task that’s easy to complete with the TV on.

Join a community.

Whether you’re one of the only ones in your social circle who’s engaged or just want to bounce ideas off of an impartial group of engaged couples, wedding community groups, like the WeddingWire Forums, are worth joining. You can post your own questions or dilemmas, help other couples in the same boat, and make new friends that will last throughout your engagement and beyond.

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Update your wedding website.

Fact: You need a wedding website. Creating your own site is a pretty quick and easy process, but you can’t just design it and then forget about it. Your wedding website needs to be updated as more details are finalized. Booked room blocks for your guests? Put it on your website! Wrote bios of your wedding party? Add ‘em! These wedding website updates take practically no time and can easily be done from the couch.

Stuff invitation envelopes.

Whether your wedding invitation is pretty straightforward, or you have tons of inserts that need to be arranged in a particular order, stuffing envelopes is a task that can be handled in front of the TV on a quiet evening. Or, better yet, invite a few friends over to tackle the task with you (don’t forget the pizza and wine!). Make sure you have enough stamps and your envelopes are properly addressed before getting started.

Assemble favors.

If you’re planning to give out wedding favors, you’ll probably need to package and label them. This is a simple wedding planning task that you and your partner can work on together in a few hours without leaving the couch. Whether you’re putting together bags of sweets, attaching labels to jars of hot chocolate mix, or tying ribbons around blankets, these projects require little concentration, yet will definitely leave you feeling accomplished.

Create welcome baskets.

Giving welcome baskets to your out-of-town guests is a thoughtful and appreciated gesture. Once you’ve gathered the appropriate items for your welcome bags, it’s time to sit down and assemble them. Depending on how many welcome baskets you’re creating, this is a job that can be completed while catching up on Mrs. Maisel—it’s also a great task to delegate to an eager family member or friend!  

Write thank-you notes.

So writing your first thank-you notes will probably require a bit of concentration and might not be the simplest wedding planning task to tackle in front of the TV. However, once you get the hang of it, you can definitely knock out some notes while keeping an eye on your favorite show. Need help? These thank-you note templates will make the process even easier.