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21 Proposal Decorations That Set the Perfect Mood for Popping the Question

Wherever you decide to pop the question, proposal decorations will make it all the more special. Shop our favorite ideas below that'll work for everything from at-home to outdoor proposals.

Proposal decorations and sign that reads Will You Marry Me
Volodymyr Maksymchuk/Shutterstock

Proposal decorations and sign that reads Will You Marry Me
Volodymyr Maksymchuk/Shutterstock

Ready to ask your S.O. to tie the knot? Before you get down on one knee, make sure you've come up with a solid plan for your wedding proposal. One way to make popping the question feel extra special is to invest in some romantic proposal decorations. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've gathered some of our favorite proposal decoration ideas you can easily shop online. From giant marquee letters to twinkling string lights, this show-stopping decor will inspire some amazing ideas wherever you're planning to propose

Outdoor Proposal Decorations

Beach proposal decorations with Love sign, dinner table, and cushions

There are lots of benefits to flashing the ring (or engagement watch) at an outdoor location. You have the opportunity to take your S.O. somewhere meaningful to you both, like a scenic spot on your favorite beach or the most picturesque part of your usual hiking trail. You can also hire a photographer to snap some beautiful engagement photos. We've got options for every kind of outdoor setting, from beach proposal decorations to your own backyard.

Sparkly gold Will You Marry Me banner

One awesome thing about proposal decorations is that they can ask the question for you. If you're worried nerves might get in the way of a perfect proposal speech, this banner that reads "will you marry me?" is a winning option.

Cake to the Top Will You Marry Me? proposal banner, from $17, Etsy

White lace globe string lights elegant proposal decor

String lighting is a must if you're looking for backyard proposal decorations. These lacy white lanterns will help create a romantic and elegant setting.

WeddingWire Shop white lace globe decorative battery-operated LED string lights, $10, WeddingWire Shop

Giant light-up marquee letters that spell Love

If you're willing to spare no expense, light-up marquee letters are the way to go. They'll instantly grab your other half's attention—hopefully long enough for you to get down on one knee without them noticing. Plus, you can choose battery-operated lights, allowing you to use them anywhere. Just imagine how romantic they'd look on the beach at sunset.

The Lovely Glass Jar LED marquee sign, from $125 per letter, Etsy

It Was Always You backdrop proposal decoration idea

Picture it: Your S.O. walks out to see you kneeling in front of this romantic backdrop with a dazzling engagement ring in hand. They might just tear up before you even get to asking!

WeddingWire Shop It Was Always You printed photo backdrop, $25, WeddingWire Shop

Rustic birch candle holder set

Think about which kind of proposal best suits you and your other half. If you love all things rustic, then you need to add these birch candle holders to your cart. Bonus: You can reuse them as centerpieces or aisle decor at the wedding.

By Craft wood candle holder set, from $37, Etsy

Outdoor proposal decoration setup with whimsical hot air balloon lanterns

These whimsical outdoor proposal decorations will create a fun atmosphere for you and your brand-new fiancé. 

WeddingWire Shop gold and white hot air balloon paper lantern set, $15 for a set of 3, WeddingWire Shop

Copper wire string lights proposal decoration idea

Carefully draped on tree branches, these copper-wire fairy lights will cast a warm and romantic glow over your outdoor proposal setting. They're a must-have if you're planning to pop the question under the stars.

Hampton Bay 16 ft. battery powered 25 bulb copper wire indoor/outdoor string light, $8, Home Depot 

Romantic Proposal Decorations

Romantic table setting with wine glasses, red candles, and a rose

If proposing outdoors is out of the question, there are plenty of other places to surprise your soon-to-be fiancé. Hotel rooms and fancy restaurants remain popular options when it comes to popping the question, whether it's somewhere you and your S.O. have been before (and loved!) or you're taking them on a whirlwind weekend getaway. We've picked out some thoughtful little extras you can bring along for decoration that'll make the moment all the more special. If you're staying in a hotel, ask if they can provide any romantic upgrades like rose petals on the bed, or order a bottle of bubbly to the room.

Personalized proposal candle that reads Rebecca Will You Marry me

Candles are always romantic. This personalized one that reads "will you marry me?" will be a sweet finishing touch to your proposal decorations. Plus, it's small enough to bring somewhere like a restaurant or hotel room (just make sure it's okay with the venue before you light it).

Kindred Fires Will You Marry Me personalized candle, $34, Etsy

Marry Me cinema light box next to stuffed animal and flowers

A vintage-inspired cinema lightbox is the perfect proposal decoration if your partner loves all things vintage or is a film fanatic. Picking out decor that reflects their unique interests is undeniably romantic. 

Gifts for Custom cinema LED lightbox, $40, Etsy

Festive Will You Marry Me bauble on Christmas tree

The holidays are a magical time to ask your S.O. to marry you. Why not pop the question with this proposal decoration at home while you're decorating the tree? It's a cute Christmas bauble that reads: "Will you marry me?" 

Midwestern Roots Will You Marry Me proposal ornament, from $29, Etsy

Pillar candles on a silver tray proposal decoration idea

Like we said, candles will always make for super-romantic proposal decorations. Pick up a few of these classic pillars to help set the right mood from the start. 

WeddingWire Shop thick medium round pillar candles, $18 each, WeddingWire Shop 

Rose petals on a bed spelling out Love surrounded by a heart

Rose petals on bed sheets is a classic when it comes to romancing your other half. This set includes everything you'll need to spell out a sweet message or create a trail leading them to the right spot. Again, if you're using it as a hotel proposal decoration, staff might be able to provide something similar.  

The Brides Bouquet romance decoration package, $40, Etsy

Will You Marry Me Pop to Say Yes balloon

How cute is this "pop to say yes" balloon? If you're looking for Insta-worthy engagement proposal decorations, this one's for you.

Just Sweet & Simple red wedding proposal balloon kit, $12, Etsy

Photo clip string lights with pictures romantic proposal decoration

One surefire way to create romantic proposal decorations is to get nostalgic. Use these photo-clip string lights to display some of your favorite memories as a couple before asking them to spend the rest of their life with you. (Aww!)

Perfect Holiday 40 LED 14ft photo string lights, $15, Etsy

At-Home Proposal Decorations

Man proposing to woman at home with heart balloon decorations
G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock

We can think of so many great reasons to plan a proposal at home. First things first, they definitely won't see it coming. On top of that, there are no rules regarding candles or confetti like there might be in a public space or restaurant. You'll have free reign over choosing and setting up your proposal decorations. Your home is also guaranteed to be a lot more private, so you and your partner can enjoy that newly-engaged glow in your own little bubble.

Rose gold foil balloon that spells love

Here's another "love" proposal decoration that'll instantly amp up the romance. Foil balloons are a quick and easy way to fill a space, making them one of our top decor picks. 

WeddingWire Shop cursive Love mylar foil letter balloon decoration, $9, WeddingWire Shop

Rosepops preserved red roses in a heart-shaped box with engagement ring inside

If you really want to impress your S.O. with at-home proposal decorations, take a look at these preserved flowers. A ring box disguised as a rose sits on top, and the flowers themselves will last for as long as a year. They're a proposal idea, decoration, and gift all in one. 

Rosepops Pop the Question preserved flowers, $225, Rosepops 

Small Marry Me marquee lights for at home proposals

Still not sure how to decorate a room for a proposal? These light-up letters that say "marry me" are a home- and budget-friendly version of grand marquee lights. Use them as the focal point of your proposal decorations and finish the job with little extras like candles, flower petals, and balloons.

Brightown Store MARRY ME decorative plastic LED marquee letters, $47, Amazon

Marry Me candle luminaries in front of a cozy fireplace

These candle luminaries are the low-key marriage proposal decorations of our dreams. Just pick up some tea lights and set up the lanterns in your backyard, in front of a cozy fire, or wherever you plan to ask.   

Contempohome Marry Me candle lanterns, $36, Etsy

Happily Ever After yellow neon sign above a bed

From your home to your wedding, neon signs are the coolest new way to decorate. Yellowpop has a selection of romantic signage that'll work perfectly for a proposal. It's also easy to design your own if you want to make it more personal. 

Yellowpop Happily Ever After LED neon sign, $449, Yellowpop

Push Pop eco-friendly confetti in multicolor

Don't overlook the small details when it comes to decorations for your wedding proposal. Something as simple as confetti can make a big difference, especially if you know your S.O. will want the perfect snap for their socials. 

WeddingWire Shop multi-color eco-friendly push-pop confetti, $12, WeddingWire Shop

Giant foil Will You Marry me balloons

Spell it out in giant, inflatable letters so your other half knows what's up from the beginning. Like we said, balloons make some of the best proposal decorations.

ELNS Dream London Will You Marry Me 16" mylar balloons, $41, Etsy